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Hawaii Koloa

Explore Koloa, Hawaii with the help of your friends. Receive the Koloa weather forecast. All you have to do is go to the island of Kauai and then to the district of Koloa. Locate discounted hotel accommodation in or near Koloa, HI for your upcoming private or group trip. Actual local time in Koloa, Hawaii with information about Koloa, Hawaii time zones and summer time.

Arrival to Koloa, Kauai

The journey to Koloa is equivalent to visiting different areas in Kauai. All you have to do is go to the Kauai Isle and then to the Koloa County. First you have to come to the Isle of Kauai. Hawaii and its main isles are generally accessed by air.

A number of airlines operate frequent services to Kauai. There are two options: you can either go to Honolulu, then look for a regional plane to Kauai, or you can get a plane that goes directly to Kauai. At Kauai you will arrive at Lihue International Airfield. All you have to do from the Aiport is drive ashore to get there.

In Hawaii you can select several vehicles. This includes Island Air, Go! Hawaiian Airways and Mokulele Airways. If you are a visitor from abroad, you can search the airline's services for possible connections directly to Lihue Airport. Alternatively, as already stated, you can arrive in Honolulu and from there you can make a reservation for a regional plane to Lihue.

It' a relatively brief trip that only takes 25 mins. When you arrive at the Aiport, it depends on the type of precautions you have made for your accomodation and your itineraries. It can be part of your air and lodging packages or something you have reserved in advance.

You can also arrange a free transfer from the beach to your holiday home or residence. There are other possibilities from the Aiport to Koloa by public transport or by cab. Coming from the Aiport, take Highway 50 westwards and turn right onto Highway 520 or Maluhia Rd to Koloa.

It is easy to get to Koloa, as you only have to cross these two highways. Then you would get to Koloa yourself. The journey takes between 45 min. and a maximum of one hours. Out of all your possibilities, the best is a hire vehicle. Because it offers you the necessary flexibility within the isle.

Even a rented Kauai would allow you to better experience the attractions and noises of Koloa and the other parts of Kauai. Also there are several offers and rebates available with air travel and accommodation, so you should be looking for these. And, if you are bringing your host families, it is easy to explore the various attractions in Kauai by hire cars.

This is the least expensive alternative for the coach line and gives you the chance to "be there" or do as some Hawaiians do. They can leave the airfield, but it can be hard to circumnavigate the area. You can see it's simple to get to Koloa.

This area is easy to reach by air to Lihue, then just a brief journey from the international airports to Koloa. That is one of the main reason why Kauai and Hawaii in general is a touristfriendly city.

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