Kollam Raviz Resort in Kerala

Kerala Kollam Raviz Resort

These are some of the best we've seen in Kerala. The Raviz Kollam Hotel The Raviz Kollam The Raviz Hotel Kollam. Ashtamudi: The Raviz Resort and Spa, Ashtamudi: Our Wedding Week! This is Kerala, painted by the Raviz: Over the Raviz Resort and Spa Ashtamudi.

Nice resort near the backwater - review of The Raviz Resort and Spa, Ashtamudi, Kollam

It is a beautiful place and the views for this new property are great and it may be that I was just bad luck, but should anyone ever have bad luck in a five-star city? I was a visiting lecturer at a meeting at the hospital. After a four hours ride I came to find chaos for my chauffeur to get in.

A minibar was empty too..... they came quickly to advertise, but of course, am I a cynic, does this mean that they earn cash from the invite? "After asking about the kettle an hours later, I checked that I could have free room-services. And it shouldn't be long before even one proposal is made in a 5-startel.

GUTER Service is of great importance. And then I found that the web is only available at about 2. 50 per half hour...not something I've previously found at 5 stars Hotels. So I didn't even take the trouble with my breakfasts.... in fact I didn't decide to have anything to drink at the hospital.

When I wanted to talk to 1200 guys or so, I chose to hold on to the waters! During my sojourn and as I walked away, I came with all kinds of causes for the bad service....and I kindly pointed out that in 5-star hotels visitors are not interested in causes.

Our aim is and we are expecting good service. I am a little bit dissapointed to give such a review to this property because, given its position and ambience, it has the capacity to be a great hotel....but if I am unlucky...then you can...unless you can ensure that you get "your 5-star act" together. To make matters worse....the welcome I got when I left tried to bill me for business web connection when I had never used one before!

Mr. Roshall, thank you for your comments on your last visit and the significant errors in our services. As for the car stop: This was not really from the side of the hotels, but from the group members themselves, where they had an ID system for their guests & to let their coaches in.

Many thanks and we sincerely wish to welcome you back to Kerala to offer you our usual high level of services. If you are planning a revisit to Kerala, please let me know, as it would be a great experience for me to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

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