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Bermuda Kings Wharf

King's Wharf is the first port on Bermuda and the port of choice for the largest cruise ships visiting the island. Drive to King's Wharf and see everything Bermuda has to offer, from museums and shopping to many attractions and more. The most cruise ships that visit the Bermuda Dock at Kings Wharf/Royal Naval Dockyard, but many passengers never fully explore the area (I was one of them). Kings Wharf Bermuda Port of Call Cruise Terminal Sightseeing Tours Transportation Shopping. Visit all the excursions, activities, beaches and restaurants you can find in Heritage and King's Wharf Bermuda.

Full Guide to Kings Wharf Bermuda

At the Kings Wharf most cruisers moor in Bermuda... That is the pristine jetty or mooring in the Royal Naval Dockyard... The majority of ferry routes indicate the destinations as Kings Wharf in their Bermuda timetables, and therefore many tourists have a tendency to believe that Kings Wharf is the ferry harbour.

In fact, it is just a mooring in the harbour and the harbour itself is known as Royal Naval dock yard, or just as dock yard, and is the biggest harbour of the isle. This shipyard is situated on the west tip of Bermuda in Sandy's Parish at Ireland lsland (North). In May 2009, a second mooring, known as Heritage Wharf, was added right next to Kings Wharf.

Two large cruisers can now moor at the harbour at the same embarkation point. Normally your cruiser would moor at one of these two docks. The shipyard has become a contemporary tourism centre with many touristic sites such as the National Museum of Bermuda, the beach, arts and crafts centres, local bars, museums, restaurants as well as bars, boutiques, etc. due to the large inflow of regular cruising visitors.

The shipyard offers a variety of different shipyard and shipyard services such as cruises, all types of aquatic sport, golf and angling trips, festival trips, etc. As soon as you leave the liner (either at Kings or Heritage Wharf Pier), the shore end of the jetty (known as North Arm) would be about 200 metres away.

The shipyard's rides are all about 250 to 500 metres away. The Snorkel Park & Beach, for example, is a 5 minute stroll from our hotel and the Clocktower Mall is 6-7mins. Shipyard has three Visitor Information Centres that provide free tickets, leaflets, bus schedules, information, etc., and also sell coach and boat tickets to help visitors explore the area.

Shipyard is well linked to the remainder of the islands by coach, boat and taxid. You can reach the moorings by foot in 3-4 minutes. There is a no-nonsense shuttle (blue route) that links Hamilton City (capital of Bermuda) and another one (orange route) to St. George's (the historical city and UNESCO site of cultural heritage) via picturesque waterways.

There are two scheduled buses between the shipyard and Hamilton. Once the dock yard was used as an embankment of the British Royal Navy and has developed into the busy seaport for passengers on the Isle. Alternatively, in 1809 the Royal Naval dock yard and the Kings Wharf jetty were built.

In order to construct this shipyard, the Brits had hired thousand of prisoners they had imported from England and also hired many slave laborers from the islands. The Kings Wharf and the shipyard have served the UK armed services for over 100 years in such matters as the American War of 1812.

During the First World War, the marine station continued to operate. However, over the years the British began to realise that the shipyard as a marina was no longer really necessary for defence. Thus the importance of the shipyard as a marine station slowly decreased. Restricted institutions were kept open to assist British and NATO vessels.

The Bermuda was visited by scheduled liner cruises and didcked at Kings Wharf, and the shipyard began to become a trading harbor and resort with lots of sights. Nowadays the shipyard transports well over 350,000 people a year, and the number is rising. The weather in Bermuda is the same and subtropical.

This will be followed by the Kings and Heritage Wharf trips, which will make recurrent phone call (some other trips are also planned to Bermuda, but they will not make frequent phone calls). There are also cruising berths within the shipyard. This shipyard is situated on Ireland Island (North) in Sandy's Parish at the west end of Bermuda.

When you enter the shipyard via the street, the entry is on Pender Rd with two large rock columns at the door. The Royal Naval dock yard is not only a marina, but has also become a large centre with many touristic sites, places to eat, pubs, nightlife, activities, amenities and other business amenities.

Indeed, you can take a whole days to discover the shipyard and its many offers, to find out how the whole harbour area (i.e. the Royal Naval Dockyard) is designed and where you will find what. You will find several great sandy spots near Kings Wharf.

The Snorkel Park is in the shipyard itself and is only a few walking steps away from the cruising docks. However, it is part of a business estate and has an entrance charge. Other, among them the infamous rose southern shores like Horseshoe bay beaches, Church Bay ones, Warwick long Bay ones etc. are easy to reach by taxi, scooters or busses (#7).

The shipyard also has mini buses available, which make several round tours during the days. The Royal Naval dock yard area of 24 hectares now boasts many other amenities, including a yacht harbour, a shipyard, many fine dining and shopping. The Bermuda National Museum, which displays artefacts and objects of Bermuda's maritime history, civilization and legacy over the past four hundred years, as well as many historic monuments such as the Victualling Yard, casemates, etc. relating to the Royal Navy's age, are some of the most important of these, including the Bermuda National Museum,

Bermuda Tourism Authority and WEDCO organise a lively programme of recurrent shipyard shows and entertainments during the midsummer. These are primarily aimed at travellers on board luxury coaches. A major benefit for shipyard travellers is the variety of activity in and around the shipyard itself.

Due to the large number of visitors to the shipyard (over 350,000 per year), many shipyard owners and suppliers have opened their own stores. Land trips and boating trips provided by cruises are usually much more costly than similar trips provided by most islands operating from the Kings Wharf shipyard itself or from a local area.

The main reason for this is that the tour companies run such trips through the same insular operator and even keep large profit or commission. The shipyard offers various snack bars in several places, but there are also some good places to eat, as well as a few more. Shipyard pastry shop:

The teas are traditional in Bermuda and are accompanied by treats and teasandwiches. This restaurant is situated at the entry of Victualling Yard in the shipyard. 12, dock yard terrace. Ice Cream Alex & Pete's Bermuda Artisan: It is a glass-roofed pavilion situated opposite the Pastry Shop on the high street (e.g. the Place of the Terrace) and near the Visitor Information Centre.

It is only a few walking steps away from the yacht charterer. They have now made the decision to extend their business in the shipyard to present handmade icecreams, yoghurts, effervescent powder, etc. Several of the cute flavours in sundaes include the old favourite of Bermudians like the choco ripples, pinapple spray, Bermuda rom aromas etc.

When you' re looking for one of the many fruit or other great flavours of chilled yoghurt on a warm sunny days, you can have it in the shipyard now. and Maritime Lane. Here you will find Bermuda cedarwood, candle, jewellery, potteries, hay pouches, Bananapuppets and much more.

On the dockyard several stands were established with small sellers who sell their goods under temporary canvas. The stands are between the pavilions near the pier. Among the sellers are 1 ) Positive Energy sale of ornamental candle in jars..... the bottom of the jar has covered and covered with shellfish and then stuffed with colored transparent growth; 2) Top Dog sale of red and white pigmented warm dog; 3) Churchill's Ltd sale of homemade and smoked tobaccos; 4) Bermuda Pie sale of local made exquisite cakes; 5) Sunkissed Hair & Henna; 6) Duch Pops.

If there are cruisers in the harbour, a towing vehicle (moving on wheels) travels around the shipyard, beginning near the ferry terminal and past the important points that make a complete tour. It is a free transportation within the shipyard and you can get in and out at different places.

Buses 7 and 8 run between Hamilton City and the shipyard. At the shipyard there are two buses. No. 8 is more common and uses the Middle Road in Sandys, while No. 7 uses the more scenic Zuid Road, which provides a great view of the southern seashore beach for all buses, timetables and much more information, as well as the itineraries and timetables on Bermuda to avoid traffic jams and soiling.

The shipyard has its own taxicabs and there are also cabs available. Whilst you can take a point-to-point taxicab, all Bermuda cabs also provide individual insular trips at a per hour fee. When you visit Horseshoe Bay Beach from the shipyard, it can be much less expensive to share the costs, according to the number of persons looking for a taxid.

The WEDCO (West End Development Corporation) has transport coordinators to help with this. With effect from 2014, WEDCO (West End Development Corporation) in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism Development & Transport has launched a mini bus shuttleservice between Dockyard and Horseshoe Bay Beach.

From the shipyard the services start at 8 a.m. and carry out several round tours during the days. From the shipyard the last mini bus is at 3pm, while the last one returns from Horseshoe Bay Beach at 6pm. As well as the city' s bus services, this shuttles offer about 1,000 extra daily seating to Horseshoe Bay.

Commuter buses run at the shipyard when the cruisers are in dock. There is a bus service at the shipyard which is open from 8.00 to 14.00 hrs. WEDCO's organised sea Shuttlecraft will no longer be operating from the shipyard. The one-way fare to Horseshoe bay is $7 (may vary from one owner to another).

For more information, suggest that you contact a visitor information centre at the shipyard. We have self-propelled 2-wheel battery-powered engines that you can hire and drive around the shipyard. You are opposite Oleander Cycles. The shipyard has three visitor information centres.

The first one is near the Kings Wharf Jetty, the second one at the end of the Heritage Wharf Jetty and the third one near the docks. As a rule, they are open every seven working day and have reduced working times on Saturdays and Sundays, unless there is a liner in the docks. These visitor centres usually have long lines when a liner reaches them.

Crusaders queue up to receive transportation tickets, tickets, leaflets, etc. for more information such as locations, times, offers, etc. Since April this year, the tourism authority has discontinued the issue of multi-day tickets and stamps from the shipyard's VIPs. An ultra-modern livecam was set up on the roof of the Commissioner's House in the Dockyard in April 2013.

You can now watch a streamed shipyard movie on your computer/laptop. Inbound and outbound cruisers can be seen, as well as many shipyard and nearby activity. Go to and you can see great shipyard recordings in real time.

Arriving at the shipyard on a July ferry. Barely wonders what the nearest & best beaches options would be. but this is a trek from the shipyard, isn't it? We' re docking at the Royal dock yard and as soon as you go down the jetty, the taxidermist.

There was only $7 a way to Horseshoe Strand. Look forward to your return and don't worry about taking a taxi or mini bus instead of having to pay the ferry line to the beaches and only be there for 2 h. I' m sorry to disturb you, but you have a Kings Wharf cam that's a bit bright, I look at it all the while BUT someone could do something about the sound or the loudspeaker that' s on it.

The shuttle buses are near the crusade piers. In one of your transport issues, you said that the fastest way for a member of my group to get the 15 fer and coach seats from the Dockyard (arriving on Wednesday at the Celebrity Summit) would be to go to the Mangrove Post Office in Somerset and then take the seats back to the dock.

I just want to ask (because I could not find a certain schedule of stops in either direction at ANY stop ) when a Somerset coach could go back to the shipyard. In addition, I was surprised if you have any idea how long the routes (at Dockyard) that are 1 days runs to buy as my spouse either thought of getting the accurate modification for that first coach trip to Somerset versus - purchasing a 1 days run, just for himself, so that the first roundtrip to Somerset is not a complete wastage of money.

Thank you for being so tolerant with all our complicated tourism issues. There are no limits to your endurance and you are to be congratulations for having helped so many foreigners to fully appreciate Bermuda! Hello, it will take an approximate 53 min by coach from Hamilton to Somerset and another 9 min to the shipyard.

So, see Timetable (line 7 or 8 ), adding 53 min to the starting point in Hamilton, and you will receive the times when the busses will be in Somerset as they head towards the shipyard. This is another way, instead of taking a coach, your man can take a boat to Hamilton (pay cash).

You can buy your ticket, passport and token at the Hamilton shipping station. When he can take the first boat at 7:30, he can be back at the shipyard at 9:00. There are sometimes long lines in the shipyard's visitor information centres (VICs), especially when more than one liner is in dock.

It is better to stay away from the VIC' next to the moorings and instead go on foot for a few mins. In the shipyard only one daily ticket is available. However, you can use US or Bermuda currencies (coins only) to make payments by coach or boat.

All passports, ticket and token are available at the Hamilton shuttle or at the Hamilton central station. But I don't believe we will be making any other trip around the isle, so after we' ve read all the information, it would seem that buying the signs would be the least costly, but seems that they are not available at the shipyard.

Are they available anywhere near the landing stage or are we simply better off at that? The Hamilton boat will be paid in hard of charge. You can buy stamps or even a ticket for the remainder of your trip (up and down) at the Hamilton shipping area. Me and my wife and daughter are going to Bermuda next weekend.

Several of us would like to go to Horseshoe Bay and are a little bit puzzled when it comes to getting there. There was a shuttlecraft from the jetty from what we read, but it was abandoned. Many of our inquiries have been answered with the help of your article and we look forward to meeting you as a group!

The shuttle was operated by the shipyard manager last year. There is no distinction for travelers on cruises. Shuttle service to the shore at $7 per passenger. It is necessary to take a brief stroll from the shipyard to get to the pub. coach area.

Minibuses at the docks are the best way to get to the island of the Horseshoesay - $7 for a single trip and just like we did - discover! NCL liner trip, June 1, 2016. VIC' s in Dockyard do not offer tickets or tokens for the 4 adult coach to Horseshoes Cove.

Wellcome to the Bermuda tourist community. Could someone from the Royal Naval Dockyard tell me where the nearest place is for me to buy the 15-ticket booking and what kind of buses or routes I need to take to get there and how long. At the Hamilton Bus/Ferry Terminal (BlueRouteFerry - 20 min to Hamilton Ferry).

The Bermuda on the Norwegian Breakaway will be visited by our whole team. We have Horseshoe Bay on our sightseeing tour guide. The minibus from the shipyard to Horseshoe Bay will be able to house her and her chair - it can be folded up like a pram. Do you know if Horseshoe Bay has a sandy chair available once we get to the shore?

Hello, usually the busses on the beaches don't take a wheelchair. You can hire a wheelchair at Hurshoe Beach, but in small numbers. Could you please tell me exactly which bus to take and how to get from the RNV dock yard to Gibbs beacon, then to RNV dock yard and back to RND?

You can take the number 7 coach from the dock. The Horseshoe Road leads down to Horseshoe Bay Beaches (approx. 450 m). Leaving the shore, go back up (there is also a shuttles bus) to the South Road stop. From the shipyard take the No. 7 coach (westbound). In about 35 min. you will be back at the shipyard.

Sir, can the Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf & Heritage Wharf) WiFi be used on the liner? If you are nearer to the cruising pier you will be able to do so (e.g. on land). From Mangrove Bay Post Office (closed on weekends) or take a boat to the Hamilton River Port Authority crossing - you can purchase your ticket at either location.

I' ve got a card of Bermuda that was sent to me saying that the shipyard is a WiFi hotspot. Hello, where can I buy the 15 ticket booklet for the boat once I have donecked on King's Wharf? Which would be the next place, near the liner, to make this buy.

Hello, The closest place to get bus/ferry passes from Kings Wharf is the Mangrove Bay Mail Room in Somerset, Mangrove Bay Road (8 am to 5 pm, Mon-Fri). From the shipyard, take the No. 7 or 8 coach and drive to the postal station (8-minute drive ), paying the ticket price for one way in full cash (Bermuda or US currency).

Very extensive, easily found information about Bermuda and its offerings. I was in the shipyard inn and I didn't know there was a bridal expedition, a meal and a tast. Dito mini vans and the easily found costs for the'normal' services from the shipyard. 100 free or all the way to the sea and 16.

Sixteen is the entire round trip from the shipyard to the shore and back. Hello, yes, you can get your passports from the Visitor Information Centre at the shipyard itself (near the landing stage of the liner). At the shipyard there is a boatyard. There is a Blue Line to Hamilton City shuttle (20 minutes) and an Orange Line to St. George shuttle (35 minutes).

Buses 7 and 8 run between the shipyard and Hamilton (journey approx. 1 hour). Line 7 buses run along the lovely southern shores, along the beach, which includes Horseshoe Bay Beach. I' m going to Bermuda in July and be there for three nights. But we wondered when the shops/activities would be closed during the shipyard because we would rather go somewhere else and then return to the shipyard, but are not sure how late it is.

Thank you, Hi, the shops in the Clocktower Mall in the shipyard (about 25 of them) are open in summers from 9 am to 6 pm. They are usually open until 10 pm on Monday, as the week-long "Destination Dockyard" takes place at the shipyard. Can I hire a roller from Kings Wharf?

How can I buy Coors in King's Warf, Bermuda or another one? Hello Paul, I'm not sure you can get Coors Lights at the shipyard. You can get Budweiser, Bud Lite etc. at the Bonefish Bar & Grill in the Kings Wharf Area.

Bonefish Bars are next to the shipyard's harbour. Hello, Yes, Craft Market and Snorkel Park Beach are within the shipyard and just a few minutes walk from Cross-Piers. The shipyard has many other places to visit on the boat. You can buy a 2-day transportation ticket at the Visitor Information Centre at the shipyard (right next to the pier).

During the second part of the trip you will discover some of the best southern shores like Horseshoe and Warwick Long and Elbow Hills. From the shipyard, take the number 7 coach that goes past all these sands. but if they don't, do you know if I can buy postage at the Visitor Centre?

Are their letterboxes in the harbour (King's Wharf) or do I have to go to a postal service to send postcards? There was no letterbox at the shipyard. This is a hyperlink to all Bermuda postal offices: Hello, All three visitor information centres at Kings Wharf are selling buses/ferry-boats.

I' d think they'd get very full if the boat dropped 3,000 guys off at once. Any other places at the yard where we can collect a passport? There is no other place in the shipyard where ID cards are issued except for the VIPs. I' ve owned and run a largeuty free store in the Heritage Wharf dock yard for 3 years, the only store that serves the Norwegian crude line and other vessels that dock at the Heritage Wharf jetty during the highseason!

This 900 sqm store also offers a wide range of my goods at regular Bermuda retailing rates, which are available in all my other stores because of this duty-free area. I' m also offering tastings of rums and rums on this dock.

Under Brezhnev's reign and the era of the Coldwar and extremist espionage (1980), a Soviet U-boat was sighted off Bermuda, which spied on the US subs that moored at Dockyard and St George's. The reasons why the giant vessels could enter Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf but not the Hamilton Docks is a silent historic mystery......

They wanted their atomic subs to enter Bermuda directly without appearing, so that the spacecraft could not recognize them. Contacting Bermuda and the UK government, they spent a $1 million gig for the Bermuda Canal and the yard for which my dad was awarded the hammer.

That is why the big vessels can be born there and not in other parts of Bermuda. While excavating, my dad gave old Bermuda tanks and souvenirs of the English Marine to the shipyards. I' m arriving in Bermuda (shipyard) on a 80-passenger cruiser, most of them undergraduates.

I' d like to take her to Horseshoe Bay. Also is there somewhere near the ferry harbour that this group can carry out? Hello, please feel free to ask Beeline Transport if they can help with horseshoe transfers. Contacting WEDCO (West Development Corporation, who manages the shipyard) for the location.

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