Kawau Island

Island Kawau

One day trip to Kawau Island is pure magic. The island of Kawau was originally populated by early Maori migrations. Quick, efficient, relaxing, discover the beauty of Kawau Island. Kawau Island, the former home of Sir George Grey, who developed the stately mansion and its exotic gardens. ""You have no idea what a beautiful place I make of Kawau: everything.

The Kawau Island is magical.

The Kawau Island is magical. Visiting Governer Grey's manor and enjoying woodland strolls to old coal mining sites and swimming on the sands. The island of Kawau was initially populated by early Maori migration. Occasionally, the trunks fought over the right to life on the island, which was finally given up in the 1820' after a particularly gory battle during the Musketeer War.

In the 1840' a mine was built on the island; soon after by chance cooper was found. Intriguing remains of the subterranean coastal coal mine, a pump station and a small smelting works are still preserved today.

Island Kawau - Kawau Kreuzfahrten

The island is accessible every day by ferries, boats and sea taxes from Sandspit, near Warkworth, about an hours and a half's drive from Auckland. It has a small resident populations and many vacation homes and is a favourite tourist resort for recreational crafts sailing the Hauraki Gulf.

Kawau Bay's crystalline, clear sea is a haven for angling and yachting and there are many protected moorings for boaters. On Kawau Island there is no articulated drinking and retired drinking trough, so the vast bulk of the land depends on drinking and storage reservoirs to provide drinking and drinking clean drinking trough or biowaste system for most of the inhabitants of Kawao.

These populations grow to several hundred on the weekend and on public holidays. Kawau Island Yacht Club provides petrol and has few shops. Just a few inches from the coast, Kawau Island is the perfect place for a vacation, no streets, no cars for most of the island. Many indigenous species of bird live on the island and as you walk around, you will see and listen to boxes, fan tails, wooden doves, Kingfisher, silver-eyed, gray grass mosquitoes, the insolent flying worka and many different seabirds.

The island of Kawau was initially populated by early Maori migration. The island was acquired as a privately owned home in 1862 by one of New Zealand's first New Zealand gubners, Sir George Grey. When he commissioned the architect to considerably expand the mine manager's home to build the manor which is still fully renovated in its protected, sun-kissed arch.

Kawau Island History Reserve was established to preserve Sir George's historical Mansion in Mansion House Bay, which is open to the public.

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