Kawai Model numbers

Kaiwai model numbers

In most cases, the serial number is located to the left of the model number. Slide the lid open and look for a long number stamped with black ink on the gold-colored iron plate near the tuning pegs. A Kawai piano's serial number can usually be found by lifting the lid and is engraved in the metal frame. Yamaha and Kawai both have several cheap Chinese models. Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co.

Manufacture data for pianos

This is the estimated first number that has been manufactured for the given year. Series numbers for different types are not always consecutive, so the real date may differ. PLEASE NOTE: The below mentioned numbers do not count for KX series uprights ( "KX10", "KX15", "KX21") which are only available in Canada.

For a KX model series number check, please call Kawai Technical Support at 800-421-2177, extension 862. © 2016 Kawai America Corporation.

See all Kawai Piano models and sizes 1960 to 2010

This is the only one of its kind and provides comprehensive, hands-on instructions for buying and maintaining a pianoforte. Following an illustrative debate on the pianoforte structures that explain how grands and uprights work, the volume gives meticulous suggestions for buying a new or used one.

It covers the maintenance of a pianos, providing information on tunings, relocation, repairs and maintenance. Consultation in this manual will help you get more enjoyment and better maintenance for your instrument.

Kaiwai Piano Series Numbers

The Kawai Klaviere was formed in Hamamatzu, Japan in 1927. Kawai Europe was formed in 1963, although we do not see a significant number of Kawais in the UK until around 1970. Use the data and series below to date your instrument. You can find the pianoforte series number on our page with the series number.

For Kawais manufactured in the USA, the following data is preceded by the letters "A" before the number. For Kawais made in Indonesia, the following data are given by the letters "F" before the number. Also Kawai has a number of handmade grand pianos.

Shigeru Kawai, which are being made in Japan.

The Kawai Piano Models | Quality grand pianos and digital pianos

The investment in a grand is an important choice and will require some thought. To be satisfied with your buy and enjoying years of gameplay, it is important to research all the available gameplay possibilities. Identifying the kind of pianos that best suit you is the best way to start your purchasing process.

The Kawai is one of the most popular pianoforte makes in the whole wide range. If you want to take the first pianoforte to your home or are a pro who invests in the pianof your dream, there are a number of Kawai pianoforte styles to chose from. To learn more about the various Kawai pianos or for help in selecting the right one, please call Chupp's pianos service today.

Kawai is the authorised Kawai distributor for the Michiana area.

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