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Kodanad Kerala. against The Assistant Labour Officer. Manufacturer, KAULA AGRO FOODS PVT. aula Agro Food, India.

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DescriptionThe Golden Group of Companies, one of the largest economic groups in the Middle East, likes to present Kaula, the cleanest and most exquisite range of the most exquisite foods. With over 250 specialty brands that blend fresh with fragrant, the company offers a wide range of seasonings, deep-freeze and dried cereals.

This high-value foods were sourced, prepared and packaged in India. Kaula has built a fully-fledged, state-of-the-art plant for the production and packing of these valuable herbs in Kochi, a large town in the state of Kerala, India. The plant has all the prerequisites to guarantee high product safety and hygienic conditions.

Herreford Agro, beef breeding, organic meats, organic meat, purebred beef, Balo?u 2, Lub?na, Lub?nas n., LV-4830

Bio-ripened bovine meats of biologically farmed cows. Meats on order in 3 kinds of regular packages plus 1 season package. There is a limit to the amount of meats. Buying cows, raising cows. Taurus husbandry in Lubana, Taurus. Stockbreeding, cows, bovine meats, thoroughbred cows, thoroughbred cows, and bovine farming and sale, environmentally clean produce, biofarm, in certified ecological bovine herds.

Organic veal. Bio-ripened bovine meats of biologically bred cows are offered. As it ripens, the meats are stored in the deep freeze for about 4-5°C for 8-14 nights. While fermenting, it affects protein and tissue, in the end, the flesh becomes soft and gets better, flavorful quality. As it matures, the flesh looses part of its own body mass, so it is naturally more costly.

Meats available to order, in 3 kinds of standardpackages, plus 1 seasonal-paket. There is a limit to the amount of meats. Organic bovine animals. Bovine. Tasty bovine meats. Deliveries of meats on order. Organic ripened bovine meats INNER FILLET, T-BONE STEIKS, ANTREKOTS, (AR KAULU/BEZ KAULA) MUGURAS KARBON?DE, (AR KAULU/BEZ KAULA) CULLOTE, CUVETTE, FLANKSTEIKS, M?LE STEIKS, GULA?S L?PSTI?A steiks, gula?s pork, AR KAULU, OSSO BUCO, minced meats, ribs, LIELLOPA M?LE, PUS??V?TA DESA, sausage, salami.

Order organically ripened meats on-line and deliver them on order.

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