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Kauai vacation offers are a convenient way to book your entire trip and save on flight and hotel costs. " Condo Living on a Vacation Budget." Oripouli Beach Resort Apartments. CAUAI - VIEW ALL ACCOMMODATION. More about Kauai travel courses and hotel reviews.

Best holiday home to remain in Kauai

Are you looking for the ideal starting point to explore Kauai? Located on the eastern side of the Isle of Kapaa in the historical city of Kapaa, the Fern Grotto Inn provides genuine old-style farmhouses with island-inspired facilities and contemporary comforts. Explore the Kauai apartments you've always dreamed of. To make life easier on the Isle, look no further than Fern Grotto Inn's holiday apartments on Kauai's Coconut Coast.

Situated on the central bank of the Wailua River, amidst luxuriant orchards and just one boulder from the shore, this is the Kauai Paradise you are dreaming of on cool winters. Our sun-drenched houses allow you to enjoy an enjoyable holiday at home in the freshness of the interior spaces of our homes, which have been designed with the inspiration of the Isle.

You can fire the barbeque for an outdoor barbeque or take a picknick and go to the sea for a while. Canoe down the Wailua River with free paddleboards and canoes, or ride our bicycles on the Kauai Path, a ten miles long path that winds along the breathtaking water.

At Kauai we provide you with the ideal holiday in our holiday homes on the coconut coast of Kauai. Some of our former visitors call Fern Grotto Hotel the best accommodation in Kauai. Browse our fervent TripAdvisor ratings, and then come to our Kauai Vacation Apartments! Please do not hesitate to ask us how we can make your visit to the Isle of Discovery an unforgetable experience at the Fern Grotto Hotel or take a look at our schedule to verify your arrival and book your Paradise holiday.

Cauai Apartments

Luxury seaside lodging with full services. Beautiful 1 BR & 2 BR condominiums. Seafront resorts with 1 BR and 2 BR condominiums. Right next to the Coconut Marketplace. OCEANFROD and OCAN VIEW 1 BR and 2 BR condominiums. 150 meters from the sea with 1 BR condominiums. Three swimming pools, a Jet Spar.

Big rooms in nice surroundings. Giant pool, waterslides, salt marsh. Luxurious 121-room motel, opened in 2009. Situated on the Poipu beaches. Grand Wyndham Estate, opened in 2010. Deluxe 1 BR, 2 BR & 3 BR condominiums, large pool, gym. Luxurious seaside retreat with rooms on a magnificent beaches.

Deluxe 1 BR and 2 BR condominiums 30 ft from the sea. Situated on the sun side of Kauai, with views of Shipwreck Strand, 1 BR & 2 BR suites. Situated in 1 BR, 2 BR, & 3 BR condominiums next to Brenneckes and Shipwreck Beaches. Beacheside resorts in a lush greenery. Magnificent bathing area.

HOTHOUSE: 1 BR and 2 BR condominiums. Beacheside resorts in a lush greenery. Magnificent bathing area. HOTHOUSE: 1 BR and 2 BR condominiums. Oceanfront 1 BR, 2 BR, & 3 BR condominiums.

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