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Map of Kauai Cities

A map of Kauai Island with roads and cities. Island Kauai - A little paradise in the Pacific. The map contains all the places mentioned in this example route. Larger map view The good news is that you can't make a bad choice. Kauai Island is small, but full of life, culture and history.

Detailled map of Kauai sites/cities especially - Kauai Forum

Kauai, as you all know, is our home, and we are always seeing people being dragged to the edge of a highway or highway, with a map that looks completely confused as to how they get where they want to go. A few days a time of the month, mostly on foot, I'll quickly see the run over vehicle get stolen and I'll go over and say hello and help them out.

And, no, they do not have the UKG, which not only has good cards, but also good writing hints and advice, and landmarks, and mileage markings, etc.. So, the response to the OR, unfortunately, is that NO, I have seen peoples tickets, but don't know where they bought them, and the visitors still have no clue as to how to get to their final destination, resttuarant, action, beach, wake, lodgings or whatever.

Accept strongly......get the ultimate Kauai travel guide.

Map of Kauai with shortcuts to Menehune Fishpond and Kapa`a

What is more discussed than the Kauai weathers? Have a look at the Kauai map below and you will see that the motorway does not form a full circuit because of the jagged Na Pali coast. Now you' ll find a picturesque motorway and 90 leagues of coast, where the Kauai beach is always nearby.

It will always be different how long it will take to get from Ke`e Beach at the end of the North Shore to Polihale Beach, where the street ends on the west side. These two Kauai abbreviations depend on the season of the week, the amount of transport in Lihue, and whether you use them during main-journeys: the amount of hours you spend on the journey:

The Menehune Fish Pond shown on our Kauai map is the best way to find this itinerary. Of your Poipu rents, the turn-off at the outskirts of Lihue is just behind the Humane Society. If you arrive from our rental cars in Hanalei or the Princeville Resort, take the Nawiliwili Port Street, where the cruisers are docking.

On the other side is Kipu Beach, which was shown in The Descendant. From Lihue, you will find the turn-off near Coconut Marketplace and can take it to Kapaa City Center near the ABC Store. From Hanalei, the turn-off is at the beginning of the city opposite the Kauai Trail with its cycling and hiking possibilities by the sea.

In Kapaa, Lihue and on the southern coast, between 7:00-8:00 and 15:00-17:00, you should keep out of commuter-hours. Classify your Kauai activity by locations or divide your time between our Kauai holiday accommodations on the north and southern shores. Have your cartographic utilities at hand to find Kauai beachs near you. If you are willing for a rest, stop for a seaside meal with our Kauai-Tipps.

Island residents and natives never look for motorway numbers or mileage - instead it's about the markings on the way and the travel times. These are some of the things you can look forward to during your Kauai vacation: From Hanalei Beach to Poipu: 75 minute ride through the renowned tree tunnel before Koloa.

Where'?s your favourite place on Kauai?

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