Kauai Tourism Video

The Kauai Tourism Video

Would you like to be taken to Kauai today? Bear on the roof of the Gatlinburg Theatre. Floor video material tourists go tubing an old sugar plantation irrigation channel in Kauai, Hawaii. Floods on the island of Kauai made travellers nervous in April. Hawaii, Oahu & Kauai Video:

Welcome to Kauai on Kauai to welcome tourist and visitor with Kauai palms, 4K floor video footage Aleoha Kauai signs

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Hawaii Aerial tropical palm tree beaches 4K 027. Tourism is the basis of the country's economic development. Waters and tropic beaches rest and enjoyment. Tourists are enjoying the tropically hot weather.

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Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai & the Big Island' Now the breathtaking Hawaiian scenery is available on your TV or computer. Watch this DVD-Video as your guidebook to Hawaii - America's paradise of tropics, the waves, the tan and the outdoors. You can also schedule your trip by indexing the video.

Discover Hawaii's abundant civilization, its queens and gods and a tantalizingly tempting place that was forbidden by evangelists, where you can go swimming, surfing, kayaking, parasailing, diving, snorkelling or just relaxing. unbelievable youth.

Our Mountain Tubing and Backcountry Zipline Adventures give you unique exposure to over 17,000 hectares of former plantations in the centre of Kauai. You and your whole host families will have an unforgettable holiday with us.

Our MTB and Backcountry Skipline Adventures give you unique and unique exposure to over 17,000 hectares of former plantations in the centre of Kauai. Kauai's unique operations involve the piping of an old watering system for sugary plantations, through open channels and several manual excavated galleries around 1870. You can also float through the skies on our 7-line zip line course, which crosses the side of a hill down to a luxuriant wood of trees and bush.

The ziplines and tubes have a minimum effect on the environment and help to preserve Kauai's heritage and people. We' ve been helping to rebuild parts of the old watering system that are now being used for the Mountain Tubs Adventure. "We are delighted to be able to establish a balance between leisure time and the conservation of our astonishing natural assets here at Kauai.

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