Kauai Hotels on the Beach

Beach Kauai Hotels

Enjoy an island adventure with plush rooms, sea food and breathtaking events at our Kauai Beach Hotel on the spectacular Royal Coconut Coast. Sleep in our fantastic Kauai Hotel on the beach along the Coconut Coast. The beautiful and breathtaking landscape is perfect for outdoor activities, and its beaches are incomparable. TripAdvisor hotels near Tunnels Beach, Kauai:

Nine great new U.S. beach hotels

Rhode Island to Santa Barbara, South Beach to Kauai, new hotels just a few paces from the beach mark their first season - it's not over yet! Conveniences such as rental gulf courses (also good) and early mornigoga on the roof make these new beach hotels a longer sojourn.

The Break is the first Gansett fashion store to conclude the summers with a pop after its opening in mid-August. Crisp, colourful shades underline each of the 16 rooms, among them tangerine coloured cushions with corals and night tables, which create a surfing atmosphere from the middle of the 20th cen. Like South Beach wasn't already in style, the Vintro Hotels & Kitchen was added in July.

This 50-room motel with a fresh water diving basin on the roof (where early dawn yoga takes place) adjoins the recently refurbished Collins Canal. There' s a beachclub a couple of blocks out. Beaches even when you're not at the beach. The colours of this new colourful resort are reminiscent of lemons, and the d├ęcor is citric.

Maybe the Zamora plays the Mod-Surrealism in the near Salvador Dali Museum and shows a white-washed appearance that reminds of the Mediterranean Sea, especially of its name cousin Zamora, Spain. Snacks such as Hummerpommes and Jucca Choorizo Haschisch are available in the hotels restaurants. There' s also a chilly roof-garden.

COMO Hotels and Resorts' first US resort in Singapore is in a 1930s Art Deco District facility. Directly to the beach, the interior ambience is relaxed, with tones of mint, lime blue and pure pink sand. I' m sure Kauai Shorees won't blow up your bank. The Kauai Lake, an Aqua Resort, is situated on Kauai's coconut coast on the east bank of the Isle.

The beach is the best advantage of the resort, but the two outside swimmingpools are very good too. It' an inexpensive choice for the notorious expensive Kauai. The 158-room 60s Santa Barbara style building, planned to open on September 4th, will bridge the gap between a relaxed windsurf resort and a contemporary guest-hous. Fitnesscourses are available every day - there is also a spas and an open-air swimming bath.

Icona Beach Hotel: The beach is its greatest convenience. The Icona Diamond Beach brings new lease of fancy 70s style hotels to the back yards of Cape May and The Wildwoods. However, the best and most comfortable is a 425 foot long beach. Whilst many of Hawaii's islets are flush with resort-size hotels, Montage Kapalua Bay, on Maui's north-west bank, is an intimate seaside retreat with only 50 suite rooms from one to four each.

Guided tours, snorkelling and sailing on catamarans are available from the hotels. Entrance to the 22,000 hectare Kapaula Resort means you never have to walk again - especially with life-tunes and four dining rooms.

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