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Take a flight to Hawaii's Forbidden Island of Ni`ihau, owned by the Robison family, the same owners of the helicopter company. Helicopter tour through Kauai. Accompany Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Kauai on their unique Eco Adventure. Kauai Island is perhaps the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands that you can visit by helicopter. Hawaii Helicopter Ride Offers:

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Well, we wouldn't be going all the way from Haena to Lihue. A part of Kauai's lives is to keep them simple and stress-free. Could be a few dollars more as they work out of the northern bank, but it would be saving me a lot of paperwork and road hassle over going down to Lihue and back.

When you want to go to Lihue, don't worry, make a choice that is good for you and your ancestors. You are welcome to come and see Kauai.

2018 Kauai Helicopter Tours - Find out the best helicopter tours on Kauai.

Due to the prehistoric nature, almost 70% of the islands are not accessible by road - Kauai helicopter trips are by far the best, if not the only way to see the memorable sites of Kauai. Because of this generally recognized know-how, helicopter trips are also the most common kind of excursions on the isle.

Up to ten different businesses can carry out trips with around 100 daily departures at any one moment. To know on which of these trips you want to have the best possible experiences can be a huge challenge for some! We had the privilege of seeing some of these favourite airlines in person in terms of attractions, fares, flight schedules and the choppers themselves.

This is a useful tip for all helicopter trips on Kauai, if you have to postpone or cancel your trip due to poor rain. During the 25 years since the helicopter tour began, they have won accolades, were won by Hollywood for taking air photos for feature films and even designed their own helidecks.

Get on board the new state-of-the-art Airbus Eco-Star helicopter and you will immediately be part of a first-class adventure. The Eco-Star is the first helicopter specially developed for tourism, with 23% more cabin space than other types of helicopter and flying technique that has been developed for the quieter possible use. A helicopter will fly the Eco Adventure.

Even if some choose other door-to-door airlines, you still get a great view thanks to the room-high panorama pictures. From the inland you will be taken over the Na Pali coast (see our Na Pali Coast Tour page for more information), then to the Bali Hai Cliffs and Hanalei Bei to enjoy the view of the clear water and unspoilt shores.

Nice views of the Kauai Falls. Originally a flying academy, it has developed into a renowned helicopter touring enterprise offering the Privately Island Adventure Tours in the unbelievably dependable and energy-efficient Robinson Helicopter. The difference between this and the Eco-Star tours is that the passenger has a personal trip and the possibility to travel with open door.

It' certainly gives you a totally different feeling; you' d be expecting to be like an adrenalin junky who plunges over the mountain jungles with the breeze in his head and a smile on his face. It takes about 60 minutes and the helicopter is a little smaller and has room for 2-3 people. This smaller helicopter gives you a more exciting feeling and don't you have to be worried, the smaller helicopter is not a reflexion on the trip itself - the same breathtaking attractions are still fully uncovered.

Await a similar itinerary to the Eco Tour, along the Na Pali coast and across the Mana Waiapuna Falls. To fly through this wonder of nature with a smaller helicopter is undoubtedly the choice for those looking for thrills. However, it is noteworthy that the Private Island Adventure Tour with 325 dollars is the most costly alternative for the specified 60 minute duration. click here.

For the next two trips the same firm offers, with one decisive change - the flying times! This short trip will take place in the famous Airbus A-Star heliders. This is the most used helicopter for air travel, guaranteeing you a comfortable and visible ride in these 5-seaters. From Jack's trip (the owner) we got away with the impression that each trip was designed for our particular group, which in all sincerity can be a rarity when you do such itineraries.

We were equipped with mics and a bi-directional communications system with the pilots, which allowed them to get an impression of our group's interests and to use their vast know-how of the islands to adapt ours! With an amazing sightseeing itinerary, Jack's helicopter will take you on similar trails to the other trips, such as Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast and Mount Waiale.

However, their profound Kauai expertise also covers the pages you visit. To our great pleasure we have been taken to breathtaking places that are not on the list of other firms, such as Kipu Kai and the Tunnel of Trees, the port of Nawiliwili and the fishing pond of Menehune - just make a 60-minute booking here.

It was impossible for us to add to our recommendation lists without covering what we thought was an memorable event. If you' re having a good laugh (a play on words may be intentional), you can make the 60-minute longing for more aerial activity hover above Cauai's magnificent cairns. Fortunately, if you are in this class, Jack also proposes an extensive 90-95-minute trip for those of us who are in no rush to get back on the pod.

Only in the Airbus A-Star doors this longer trip is a photographer's one. If you penetrate the many gorges and gorges you will be guided on similar trails, but with much more in each. Also without the cameras, the longer flights and the visit of other locations make this trip all cents.

If you are a photo enthusiast or not, you will not go under with the long trip - and you will not find this service at any other helicopter manufacturer in Kauai! So if you are up for the trip of a lifetime, book your place here. So there you have it - after we flew with some really inspiring airlines, we got a wonderful view of this huge Hwaiian mira.

There were no two identical trips and that made the adventure even more pleasant! Hopefully you have an impression of which helicopter trip is right for you - the Garden Island is so full of breathtakingly wonderful places of interest that you can virtually always take off and be astonished again and again.

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