Kauai Beaches

Cauai Beaches

The Kauai Map reveals every beautiful sandy and/or coastal area you can experience during your Kauai vacation. You will find a list of all Kauai beaches on these pages. Look for the beach that is perfect for you! Also known as Hideaways Beach, Pali Ke Kua Beach is another hidden treasure of Princeville, Kauai. Pages in category "Beaches of Kauai".

Cauai Beaches

The beaches of Kauai are known for their beautiful and dramatically. Leagues of clean sandy beaches encounter crunching waves for a spectacular effect, while other safe areas provide quiet, clear waters for snorkelling, bathing, SCUBA and windsurfing. The beaches and coastline of Kauai are also adorned with an abundance of sharks, humpbacks, sea tortoises, black seal and a true temple of tropic rainbows.

Be it peeling, windsurfing, snorkeling or just relax, the Garden Isle has the ideal one. Catch your sun cream and see some of the best and most loved Kauai beaches here. We have arranged them according to regions so that you always have a great sandy spot close by, no matter where your trip to the islands takes you.

Kauai's stunning northern coast is home to some of the world's most stunning landscapes.... which means you'll find some of Hawaii's best beaches here. The North Shore is sure to be loved by all beach-goers. When you drive to the south coast, be prepared for the sun, as this area tends to get the most sunny days on Garden Island.

You' ll find beautiful beaches for snorkelling and bathing, snowboarding or even watching an endangered Hwaiian Monks seals. Be sure to meet Poipu Beaches, which many Hawaiians describe as their favourite. The West Kauai is an area full of historical monuments and wonder of nature. The best of all, name your seaside activities and you can probably do it here.

Take your rod and take a walk, take in the views of the Prohibited Isle of Niihau, surf or take the children on an expedition in a flat waterfall. You' ll even be able to see the old traditional way of gathering salts in Hawaii; it's definitely a worthwhile visit! Kauai's East Shores is home to some of the most easily accessed beaches on the coast, thanks to a large number of holiday homes, hostels and Condominiums.

Please be aware that the beaches in this part of the country are more likely to be exposed to on-shore winds than in other parts of the country, which creates rather windy weather in most areas. Anything from windsurfing, standing, paddling, snorkelling, angling or just under a shaky forest is the ideal activities here. It is said that the coast of Na Pali is the most beautifull coast in the whole wide open sea, so we know that the beaches here are really amazing.

Fancy a sandy shore that can only be reached by canoe? Old fishermen's settlements and other archeological relics? You can discover all this and much more on these beautiful beaches of the Na Pali Coast.

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