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Cauai Airport

Actual weather and delay conditions for the (LIH) airport Lihue. Find customer reviews for Dollar at Lihue Airport and get the best car rental deals guaranteed. " A very small airport and the only commercial airport on the island. Here you will find directions, reviews and information about Lihue Airport (LIH) in Lihue, HI. Look for cheap hotel rates near Lihue Kauai Airport (LIH) (Lihue Kauai Airport (LIH)) for your next trips.

When you fly to or from Kauai Island Lihue Airport or just pick someone up from their Kauai Island Lihue flights, you will find the latest information you need from Kauai Island Lihue Airport.

When you are travelling to or from Kauai Island Lihue Airport or just pick someone up from their Kauai Island Lihue flights, you will find the latest information you need from Kauai Island Lihue Airport. Get route descriptions, airport information and location information for Kauai Island Lihue airport and airline itineraries.

Airport near Kauai Island Lihue: All United States of America airfields.

Kauai Lihue Airport Kauai Hawaii

Kauai Isle, very fittingly called'Garden Island', is wrapped in luxuriant verdant dales, dotted with steep rocks and decorated with waterfalls - the real paradise defining the area. If you are lucky enough to be heading in this direction, you will probably be passing the island's main airport, Lihue Airport (LIH).

Lihi is about 1.5 mile to the eastern side of the city of Lihue, along the south-eastern shore of Kauai. A traveller even went so far as to make him his "favourite airport"! Well, now that we know what folks loved about LIH, let's investigate the story of the site and how it became such a beautiful airport.

Until 1949, temporary work was done and the building of the station was still in progress. Shortly afterwards, the building was finished and the building was inaugurated in January 1950. Even at its opening, the airport recorded an enormous increase in the number of passengers, which surpassed previous forecasts. Until 1955, the airport was 160 hectares and comprised a cafeteria, a car park, floor transport, an upgraded airstrip, hanging garages and light.

In 1984 a new take-off and landing strip was inaugurated, with the construction of which a modernisation schedule for the plant was also initiated. Today's kiosk was inaugurated in 1987. Modernisation includes a new car park, extended airport roads and modernised supply schemes. Today, Lihue Airport covers 879 hectares and includes airlines, general aeronautics, aircraft taxis and defence missions.

The Lihue Airport has a refreshing floral and Lei stall, a restaurantbar, a kiosk, a souvenir store and a café. Though there is no US post office at the airport, there are mailboxes in the central hall for your comfort. When you don't see anyone at the stall, just look around; Aloha employees are often present throughout the terminal - and deliver Aloha to everyone.

While Lihue airport is certainly a pleasurable airport for you to visit, you will of course have to go somewhere else. When you take a cab, they are in front of the airport entrance. Hiring a vehicle is also very easy, as there are several stands opposite the terminals.

Prefabricated floor transport suppliers, such as tour operators and hotels, also offer services for LIH. The Kauai Coach provides transport; the stop is in front of the airport building. Mokulele Loop has its own multi-storey vehicle park; there is a free of charge weekly rate. When you want to pick someone up, you will find the mobile telephone area at Hoolimalima Place, next to the stands for you.

The Lihue airport is open to people with a disability. Accessable car parks are available on the square, and there are areas for charging and discharging at the edge of the kerb. Usually land transport is possible, but we recommend that you make sure that a car is available in advance. Companions are always welcome at the airport.

Whilst you are waiting for your plane, take a look at the various showcases and works of art throughout the area. Many of these are changing regularly, but there is often information about indigenous plants and animals, several Kauai authors' works of art and other exhibitions of great value.

It is the ideal way to either get in the right spirit for your visit to Kauai or to say goodbye to the lovely garden island.

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