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More Information - Blue Ocean Adventure Tours Kekaha. Kauai adventures range from activities off the beaten track and ocean tours to horse riding, Luaus or a sunset dinner cruise. Situated on the lush island of Kauai, Kipu Ranch Adventures is proud to be one of the best eco-tours in Hawaii. Much of our adventure includes private bathing holes and waterfalls on Kauai. The ultimate Kauai adventure helicopter tour.

2016 Kauai adventure travel guide

For a long time Kauai has been an excellent place to stop and take a breather... Infinite greens and lush vegetation blend with falls and dominate the landscape until you arrive at the shore, where bluish sea breezes and smooth sands prevail. More than 50 leagues of sandy areas - more per coastal stretch than any other island in Hawaii.

However, since many of Kauai's treasured attractions are only open by boat or plane, exploration has a way to experience the feeling of adventure..... 17 leagues on the north shore of Kauai, the lofty rocks and falls of the N?pali coastline provide a breathtaking panorama even on a wet and sunny outing. On your way along the coastline you have a good chance of meeting Hawaii' spinner whales and, if you're really very fortunate, maybe even a mogul.

It is not possible to reach the N?pali coast by road. Hours of flight takes you on an adventure over sites like Manawaiopuna Falls (better known as Jurassic Falls), Waimea Canyon, Hanap?p? Valley and the N?pali Coast. Jurassic Falls Helicopter Landing Adventure, if you are planning correctly, you can reserve a place.

You will see all the attractions of Kauai and arrive at the waterfalls and have about half an hours to discover them on the floor. When you can, you should always carry black clothes on your plane, as bright colours may be reflected from the heli-lights. It is also not a poor plan to reserve your chopper trip at the beginning of your stay in Kauai so that you have enough free air travel in case of meteorological problems.

Do you feel really adventurous? Fitted toes are a must, and because of the fitting of the belt, most ladies find trousers more convenient than short trousers.

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