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Activities Map of Kauai

The regions of Kauai may feel remote, but still offer proximity to shops, restaurants and activities. On Kauai, what to do? The Kauai is a virtual playground for almost everyone and for all levels of activity. The best free attractions and activities On Kauai there are many free activities on Kauai. Site plan of Koloa and Poipu, South Bank Kauai, Hawaii.

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Are you looking for Kauai activities and funny things? The Kauai is a little bit of joy for everyone. Boat or helicopter the marvels of the Na Pali coast, join a local Luau in Hawaii, take a kayak tour, glide through a labyrinth of Kauai plantations tunnel on top of inflation hoses or ride the Zip-Line over a stunning tree roof.

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A question that is often asked is whether the whole island of Kauai can be avoided. There is no road when you get to the coast of Na Pali on the west side. But you can ascend or descend the east coast from the north, around Princeville and Hanalei.

It takes about 2 hours to get from Princeville to Waimea, on the southwest bank. Remember that this is without interruptions to savour the landscape or good meals that are usually part of why you are on Kauai, right? These 2 hours are your base dipstick for the external borders to get somewhere on Kauai.

Except for the Kokee State Park in the northwest nook, which can take 20 additional 20 min from the north shore, 1 1/2 h from the east shore. Irrespective of how long the voyage lasts, the voyage on Kauai is only half as much enjoyable! All set for your holiday on Kauai?

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