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Stay on Kapiti Island

Handpicked collection of the best resorts and destinations on Kapiti Island. Do you plan to travel to the Kapiti Coast and book a hotel or apartment in or near Kapiti Island? Which are the most popular destinations in the Kapiti Coast District? Astonishing stay on Kapiti Island. Stay connected and up to date with the local economy, news and events.

Accommodation on Kapiti Island. - A retrospect of Kapiti Island Nature Tours, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Bring your hiking boots, binocular and your own cameras. I suggest you take a leader who was instructive. When you want to see the world of birdlife, I suggest that you look for a place and stay quiet for a while. The majority of the island's liveabirds will show up. Lodge personnel were extremely kind and their young leader talked about the island's story and wildlife.

Sadly we didn't see the kiwis on our overnight stroll, but it was still a lot of pleasure. They were good wine and the meal was tasty to enjoy the natural environment as it could be before man came to Kapiti Island. And on the way to Kapiti Island, the skipper saw an Orcas cetacean.

It'?s so pretty! So we went to pick up the small group that went for a walk on the island in the mornings. Altogether 13 persons stayed in several huts. First, we check our pockets for any animal that could injure wildlife on the island. At first we had a little cup of afternoon teas and coffees in the main building and got to know the many birdlife on the island.

Afterwards we could keep our things in our huts and take a stroll on the wonderful island just to stay away from the seafowl. There' a lots of birdlife on the island. At the end of the evening meal the guides gave us a great deal of information about the kiwi fruit and then, after a briefing, we set out to observe kiwi.

All the others remained for a few hour and had enough free walks on the island. For those who like nature protection, bird watching, beautiful and genuine adventures. So we decided to go for an hour-long hike and dinner. This is both very rewarding and complements our self-walking on the Nordschleife.

On a 25 degrees C walk, it is a little continuous ascent on well-maintained trails. About 4 hrs on foot to end the days, that may sound a great deal, but the beautiful and bird life will keep you completely busy and it goes in a lightning effortless.

Refer Manaki or John as your guide. Have you been on Kapiti Island Nature Tours?

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