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It was John who spoke about the settlement of Pitcairn Island, originally settled by the mutineers of the Bounty. The purpose of this board is to celebrate the beautiful sunsets over Kapiti Island | More ideas about sunsets, sunsets and island. This kiwi is distributed on the South Island of New Zealand. The Waikanae Beach, with Kapiti Island in the background. It' s disappointing to see that Cr Jackie Elliott has once again misunderstood her facts.

Chapiti Island

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There are 10 interesting facts about Kapiti Island

The Kapiti Island is one of the most prosperous protected areas. It is so hard to reach Kapiti Island that not many visitors have the chance to leave. Komiti Island is known for its back and not so back home bird. The Kapiti Island is 8 km long, 2 km broad and has an area of 19.65 kmĀ².

Maori colonised the island in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Attempts were made in the 1980' and 1990' to eliminate all carnivores that killed the indigenous avians. Approximately 6 species of bird are living on Kapiti Island: There is Kapiti Island 5.6 km from the coast.

Kapiti Island Story

M?ori was established on the island in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. There was a whale farm near the ocean and 2,000 inhabitants lived on the island during the years. Attempts were made in the 1980' and 1990' to restore the island to a state of nature; the first ovine and possum were taken out.

Only a few thought possible for an island of this magnitude, in 1998 the rat was exterminated. During 2003, the Biodiversity Campaign Group alleged to have freed 11 opossums on the island. There was no proof of the possum imports. Check out DOC's Kapiti Island brochure for more information about what you will find on the island.....

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