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One-Day Tours to Kapiti Island

One of New Zealand's oldest and most important nature reserves, Kapiti Island is a place steeped in history. BBIllustrations offers the Kapiti Island Day Tour. The Rugged Kapiti Island supports many of New Zealand's native bird species, including the curious Weka and the flightless Takahe. One of New Zealand's oldest and most important nature reserves, Kapiti Island is a place steeped in history. Took a day trip and hiked up part of the island with magnificent views of the mainland.

Helicopter and train Kapiti Island Tour from Wellington 2018 onwards

Head to Wellington Central Railway Stop, where you take a scenic Kapiti Coast rail ride through New Zealand's longest railway tunnels to Paraparaumu Railway Terminal, about an hour's drive. When you arrive at Paraparaumu railway terminal, a deputy will pick you up and take you to the helicopter landing pad, where you will receive a brief security instruction before taking off.

During the 15-minute round trip you will fly over Kapiti Island and the Inner Islands taking air photos of the small area. It touches the Southward Caribbean Vehicle Park, the biggest privately owned automobile gallery in the South. A 90-minute guided visit to the collections on your own, with more than 400 vehicles, motorcycles and airplanes and an eye-catching old-timer fire truck.

Encounter a Chauffeur Drivers for the last stop of the day, Tuatara Brewing Company, where you will get a taste of their own homemade beer coupled with cheese from Kapiti Cheese. The route ends with the Kapiti Coast Railway back to Wellington Central Rail Station.

Paraparaumu Traveller Review - New Zealand Glamping - Kapiti Island Nature Tours

I and my husband stayed oneight on the island and learned all about their natural world. It was a great time with the whole team. We had an memorable time with the birdlife - especially with the cacas. It is a great adventure for all those who love the outdoors. There are many indigenous species of wild animals to be seen as a predator-free island.

Bellbird's Kereru Weka Hihi Stitchbird Whitehead Robins Takahe etc. and a high beam is a nocturnal stroll around the kiwi to see. Climbing to the summit of Kapiti, even the 85 year old and back. Accommodation at the north end of Kapiti with the most unbelievable accommodations, Malacky, John, Vicky and everyone else.

Nighttime kiwifruit spots after dinner and a glass of fine wines were a real eye-catcher. He was a few yards ahead of us. Malacky's understanding of the island's birdlife and story was unbelievable. It was a respectful escape and we felt priviledged to have had this unbelievable Ki-wi adventure.

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