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We have tools, equipment, safety and party articles for craftsmen, craftsmen, event and party planners. Chapter Hire, Paraparaumu, New Zealand. There are a number of disabled equipment available for hire in Kapiti. ("Thanks to our sponsor Kapiti Hire for the machine) Please bring a few coins for the occasion. The Hire Industry Association of New Zealand.

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You can do it yourself with our enormous offer of rental equipment for home, gardens, industry or groundscare. You can find our complete listing here: Are you planning a children's birthday or a big events? From candy floss manufacturers to data projectors and more..... View all our articles for parties and events. Designed for craftsmen, craftsmen, events and parties.

This new materials superlifter can hoist objects up to 295 kg and 5.5 m in weight. A member de la Mitglied der Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (Inc.).

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Mikkelsen is a member of the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand. It was presented last Thursday, 5 July 2017, at the Hire E...xcellence Awards Dinner in Rotorua. He has been in the rental business since the early years of his life when his dad bought a small business in Palmerston North in 1969 and employed two more.

In 1993 the company was divested, which at that point in its history had two independent areas (party and general rent) and 12 employees. Tintin abandoned the company and started working for three years for one of the then domestic rental firms, but really wanted to own his own company.

In December 1999 Tim bought his own business. In 2006, his wish to study and his readiness to make a contribution led him to run for the office of zone 2 HIANCE and served on the executive committee of the association for 4 years before he became president of the association in 2010. He has a passion for the rental industry.

He' s been on the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand for 12 years! Thursday's surprising show was a very memorable occasion when Tim was honoured for his outstanding service to the association and the rental industry.

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