Kapalua Bay

Kappalua Bay

The Kapalua Bay is a popular beach visited not only by Kapalua visitors but also by visitors from all over the island. The Kapalua Census Center (CDP) is located in Maui County, Hawai?i, USA. One Maui Land & Pineapple Company resort stretches inland from Kapalua Bay and Honolua Bay. "Discover the residences in Kapalua Bay, a luxury two and three bedroom resort on the northwest shore of Maui overlooking the Pacific.

Enjoy the finest golf at Kapalua Resort.

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The Kapalua coast consists of award-winning shores and intact coves. It is swarming with sea creatures and is certainly preferred by everyone, from enthusiastic solar worshippers to aquatic-sportsmen. "America's Best Beach" 1991 Kapalua Bay was awarded "America's Best Beach". Featuring gently raging upper and lower sea breezes, Kapalua Bay is a protected area to explore the marvels of the sea.

There is a seaside activity counter at Kapalua Bay with a large selection of water sports gear and activity. In front of Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, D.T. Fleming is a long sandy spot ideal for walking and sunbathing. There is a large range of sea sports and facilities available. The Kapalua Coastal Trail leads along the sandy beaches for those who don't want to get soaked.

Mokule`ia Bay and Honolua Bay are situated just south of Kapalua Resort. The area has been under the protection of the State of Hawaii as a Marine Conservation District since 1978. Deceased Colin C. Cameron, Kapalua Resort's founding member, has ensured that the area' s unparalleled marine heritage has been preserved.

Underneath the sea walls, immersed corals and garden shelter a wealth of sea creatures.

Snorkeling Kapalua Bay

Cape lla Bay is a protected sandy and protected area on the northwest side of Maui. It will be a few meters from your shorecloth. Kapalua Bay Hotel offers views of the sandy beaches and calm waters. The Kapalua Bay is a rather favourite spot for its tranquillity, but you should still have a lot of space to put out your sail.

In a way Kapalua Bay keeps a not overcrowded look and feeling. Go to the northern end of the shore and go snorkeling along the rock. It will have less sands, so the view of the waters will be better and there will be many moreish. Here are just a few of the species I have seen in Kapalua Bay: the butterfish, parrotfish, juvenileish, surgeonfish, whitefish, seaweed, wrasse, boxfish, bass, triggerfish, the former Hawaii State fisher Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, goatfish, porcupines, hawkfish, scorpionfish, jackfish, cornetfish, crustacean and invertebrate.

Strandparking lots are in direct proximity of the toilets and shower facilities. There is a little bit on the small side for the attractiveness of the sea, so be sure to go in the mornings to ensure yourself a stand. At the car park and the baths, just go down the stairs and under the small √Ętunnels√Ę and you will overlook the scenic Kapalua Bay.

As there are no stalls on the beaches, you will need to take your own sandwiches and beverages. The journey from Kahului airport to Kapalua Bay takes about 60 mins.

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