Kani Med Kani Club, Kanifinolhu Island: The Kanifinolhu Resort meeting room information, meeting facilities and amenities. The Kanifinolhu Resort, Maldives, Maldives: The Kani Club (Kanifinolhu Island, Maldives). The Club Med Kani, Kanifinolhu, Kaafu, Medhu-Uthuru is located on the Maldives.

Kanifinolhu Club Med - Maldives Resort

With its wobbly palms, unspoilt golden sand and bright blue waters of the lagoon, the islands are considered "the last heaven on earth" - all in a completely unspoilt and unspoilt area. Cani is an islet of gardens that originates from the sea.... A village that just breaks through the sea along a blank sand shore... An memorable place for those who love to dive and enjoy romance.

There is a lively algae sanctuary and unbelievable colourfulness for an unforgetable vacation time. Featuring new Lagoon Suites and Beach Villas (please consult your local update agent ), Kani is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world for your Honeymoon or a relaxing vacation.

Khanifinolhu (Kaafu)

Oblong, with an area of 10 acres, Kanifinolhu is situated on the edge of a large Laguna, which is home to an fishing isle. Flat at S, the Laguna can be 6 to 8 meters in W. Ideal situated for the practise of scuba dipping, near the Great Barrier Reef, this is one of the most stunning islands of Male'Atoll N.

Surfspot known as "Piddies - Ninias": Slower right-handed, good for beginner and longboarders. Kanifinolhu is an elongated 10 hectare area east of the North Malé Tolet reef, surrounded by a very large lagoon that houses a fishing island. Ideally located for diving, in the immediate vicinity of the Great Barrier Reef, this island is considered one of the most beautiful of the Malé N Atolls.

Surfspot " Piddies - Ninias ": good for beginners. Best spots for W/NW winds with moderate swell S.

Kanifinolhu (Club Med Kani) - Staff of the Maldives Resort

Hello, my name is Omer Rotholz, I am 21 years old and living in Tel Aviv. Last year I worked in a windsurf ingub " Level Hayam " as a windsurfing instructor and accountant. Being a hardworking, conscientious, committed and dependable people. I' m really excited about the windsurfing experience, which is why I'm getting closer to you.

As I plan to travel in the near futur, I would like to recommend myself as a voluntary worker in your camps. When you choose to employ me, I will demonstrate my abilities, my creativity and my sincerity to reassure you that I am the right people for the position. I' d be delighted to arrange a Skype meet and exchange more information about my abilities and experiences.

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