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I' m looking for a career advancement to broaden my present abilities.

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and ASPIRC - Latest News

Now ASPIRC is enrolling families who want to attend its computer courses in June. Now you can enrol in the school centres of ASPIRC in Alofau Elem, Fagaitua HS, Tafuna Elem, Pavaiai Elem and in the parental home of the Failolo Methodist Church. As places are restricted, we recommend that you immediately attend the ASPIRC centres listed above to find a place on the June Classlists.

Both courses are Computer 1, Introduction to Computers, and Computer 2, which lectures Excel, Web Progress, i-movie, etc. Lessons begin on 13 June and last 4 week and end with a certification handover and final event where all attendees will have a good time together with ASPIRC directors and employees as well as school and PTA representatives.

Nancy Rushner, M.A., CED, an early childhood education expert on deafness and deafness from the University of Hawaii, is on the spot this weekend to hold Early Hearing Detection & Intervention workshop for American Samoa services as part of the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Initiative. ASPIRC' Moe Masoe and Nometa Sene-Moleni were lucky enough to be able to be called by their intimate associate helpinghands to this important practice today from 9:00 to 10:45.

She pointed out that early childhood education allows the mother to start communicating and preparing her child for ECE. Since ASPIRC will complete another 4 weeks of parental computer training in April, participants were invited to keep studying during the certificate presentations and final three day work.

Moe Masoe, school principal and ASPIRC programme director, told Mum and Dad how important it is to use the skills they now have to help their young kids be successful in school and in the world. The majority of these proudly exchanged their latest project with the employees of the ASPIRC headquarters by e-mail. In accordance with custom, graduation certificates or graduation ceremony were given to each parent at each of the following locations:

Fagaitua HS, Tafuna Elem, Pavaiai Elem and its headquarters in Nuuuli, Alofau Elem, PiCED. ASPIRC' next parental computer course will take place in June for all sites. Enrolment begins on Monday 16 May and lessons begin on 13 June. Today, Tuesday, April 19, Tony Babauta, Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs of the U.S. Department of Interior, and Nick Pula, the Director of DiCED, paid a visit to the company after attending the 111th anniversary celebration.

This was also a great occasion for the Assistant Secretary to see what kind of service and programmes are offered by Picoed to the American Samoa population. Parent computer lessons for April began on Monday, April 4, and ends on Thursday, April 28. Nearly 100 registered at 6 ASPIRC sites: Alofau Elem, Fagaitua HS, Tafuna Elem, Pavaiai Elem, Manu'a HS and Fa'ilolo Methodist.

Where necessary, new registered parental students have completed the Century Parenting for the Pacific Island Child (21st CPPIC) Parenting course before attending ASPIRC's computer courses. The courses took place on Friday 1 April at PiCED headquarters in Nu'uuli and on Tuesday 5 April at Manu'a HS Parent Center.

Please be aware that the next computer courses will be held in June, registration starts on May 16th. All interested mum and dad are invited to join the party and acquire a new ability to develop their skills and their upbringing. The ASPIRC has devoted the months of February to honouring the relationship between school and family in order to increase students' performance.

ASPIRC and its school system and local church counterparts conducted a range of educational initiatives throughout the months to promote the participation of parents. On Friday, March 4, ASPIRC ended its third annual parental participation months with awards ceremonies at the following winning PTA Projects & Family Friends School Contest:

Iakina Academy and Kanana Fou Pre-School & Elementary. Pavaiai Elementary was once again named the most family-friendly school in American Samoa in the Large Schools class at the awards ceremony on Friday, while Leone Midkiff took second place. Kanana Fou Primary School was named the most family-friendly school in this year's Small School section.

They were the only participating school and ASPIRC values the work of both the school management and our family. Pavaiai Elem PTA again won this year's PTA project contest, while the Iakina Academy's Home and School Association (HASA) took second place. We appreciate PiCED/ASPIRC for launching this PTA contest, which has led us to concentrate our endeavours on improving the school libraries in order to help one of the school' s key goals this year, namely to improve the literacy of schoolchildren.

The Parent Empowerment Summit on February 16 at Lee's Auditorium was our major gathering for this year's PIEM. At ASPIRC, we regret that the Parent Involvement in Education Month's achievement this year would not have been possible without the help of our parent, headmasters, educators, PTA' and many other fellows.

On Wednesday, February 16, 2011, the second edition of the Americas Samoa Parent Empowerment Summit took place at Lee's Auditorium in Utulei. This summit drew together families, grandchildren, teachers and caretakers for a half-day meeting on "I am a parent, I am the first teacher". Among the speeches were the honourable Vaamua Henry Sesepara of the Americas Samoa House of Representatives, who is also the PTA Territory Chairman, Dr. Taeaoafua Meki Solomona, the PR Officer of Star Kist Samoa and the Foundress and Managing Director of PiCED, Mrs. Sandra King-Young.

Everyone present on that date felt motivated to do more to help their kids succeed in school and in the world. 1 ) What can my child's school do to make me a more committed one? 2 ) What can my child's PTA do to get me more engaged?

3 ) What do I want to do as a parental to get more involvement in my child's school? The ASPIRC employees collect the information from this group action to present it to ASDOE as one of the results of the peak to help with further work. As a tribute to the $500 gift from the Department of Youth & Women's Affairs of Goverment for the use of the site, ASPIRC was able to hold the event in a more centrally located Lee's Auditorium in Utulei.

To help fund the draw, contributions were also collected from Forsgren Laufou, Nuuuli Service Station, Star Kist Samoa, Interisland Vacations Airways, Cherries Hair Salon, Computer World, Panamex Pacific, Wallace Theater and Tradewinds theater. If you would like more information about ASPIRC, please call (684) 699-6074/6094/6095. The ASPIRC is a PiCED charitable organisation program financed by a U.S. Department of Education grant. ASPIRC is a non-profit organisation.

"ASPIRC, a Pacific Islands Center for Educational Development (PiCED) initiative, is proud to announce that February 2011 has once again been declared the Parent Involvement Month for ASIA. The ASPIRC is planning to open the Parent Involvement Month in Utulei at a official opening ceremonies which will take place on Monday, January 31, 8:00 - 12:30 at the Lee Auditorium in Utulei.

We are inviting teachers and teachers to participate in this beautiful activity and provide free resource to help us increase our consciousness and remember that parenting plays a vital part in the life and upbringing of our kids. You will find all the information you need here to celebrate Parent Participation Month 2011! Wasadora Manaea carried out SBA for Pavaiai parentsThe standardised test workshops are available in the school centres of ASPIRC.

It is the primary goal of this class to help the parent do home work with their kids, make sure the kid gets directions, is comfortable with the test issues, and so on. Currently, 62 mum and dad attend these training courses in our school centres.

Parents' computer lessons began on 25 October 2010 and were due to end on 18 November 2010. Because of unforeseen conditions in the parenting centres of Tafuna Primary School and Matafao Primary School and two vacations this months, they were renewed for another two week. The certification presentation and final class activity for the classrooms in our school parental centres will take place on 2 December, while the classrooms at headquarters will take place on 3 December.

It' always encourages to see the emotion and pleasure in parents' faces when they get their graduation or attendance diplomas at these final ceremonies. In all, 100 families took part in the courses this months in the following places: Pavaia'i Elementary, Tafuna Elementary, Fagaitua HS and PiCED's headquarters in Nu'uuli.

Matafao Elementary Computer 1 & 2 course enrollment now includes a mornings course at PiCED headquarters. The next courses for our Elternkurse begin at the end of January 2011, the enrolment starts on January the 3.

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