Kaimbu Island

Island Kaimbu

We' re afraid that somewhere else in Fiji we'll be disappointing and in comparison to Kaimbu. Heard of Kaimbu Island (sold to some Japanese investors a few years ago), Jay Johnson from the USA owned the intermediate sale of the island? Weather, photos and map of Kaimbu Island (Kaimbuisland) (Fiji). Local information and maps of Kaimbu Island. The Kaimbu Island is an island in the north, Fiji, Oceania.

The Oakley Founder's Vatuvara Private Islands voted Best of the Best here

The Vatuvara Privat Islands, part of the Northern Lau Group, was presented in the June 2016 edition of Robb Report "Best of the Best". Best-of-the-Best is the leader for the best new cars, boats, hotels, clocks, wine and more, chosen by Robb Report's editors.

The Vatuvara Resorts was awarded in the Resorts section of Robb Report's twenty-eighth Best of the Best International Tour. More than 150 Best of the Best Prize laureates are presented in the June edition of the Robb Report. The Vatuvara Privat Islands can only be reached by air. The Vatuvara is an all-inclusive, tailor-made itinerary and is available for all island occupation or as one of the three mansions.

Led by Rob and Lynda Miller, each with over 30 years of Fiji travel business expertise, Vatuvara Privat Island provides its customers with genuine Fiji culture and expertise. "Vatuvara Privat l s - the new haven of the US businessman, which stretches across remote North Fiji isles - has only three covered mansions that guarantee an intimate vacation with empty shores and personalities.

Mister Jannard first remained on Kaibu, which belonged to the US fibreglass tycoon Jay Johnson, and his island residence, Kaimbu, was very easy. After falling in Love with the surroundings, he had boy rangers look out for the near isles that were for sal. At the end of 2009 Kaibu and the neighbouring Vatuvara were added to the list and Mr. Jannard purchased both with the intention of building another more luxury area.

Under the name Vatuvara - although located on Kaibu in technical terms - Mr. Jannard's ideal object was opened in mid-September. He could only have used the island as a hideaway, but like others who hired their own belongings, he chose to open it to people. There was no telling how much it was costing to buy Kaibu or construct the Vatuvara Resort - only that it was below $75 million when the island was rated the most costly in the entire planet in 2006.

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