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Family-friendly The Raviz Resort and Spa, Kadavu, has an outdoor pool, a children's pool and a fitness club. Check the customer reviews, photos and rates for the Kadavu Resort. Ayurvedic Kadavu treatments prices are: Prices are for one night. The Kadavu Resorts & Ayurveda Center quick overview great:

Island Kadavu, Fiji

You are invited to take full benefit of this venue and enjoy diving with our native instructors. The instructors were trained and grew up in the towns around these diving places and know them very well. The site includes diving locations such as Kadavu Island, Group Tube, Crossroads and the only shipwreck-dives: Chambers:

Everywhere on our diving spots there are a multitude of species of fish, invertebrate and nudibranch. The depth at our diving locations ranges from 10 metres (30 feet) to 35 metres (115 feet). The instructors select the best diving spots for the particular daily condition.

When you have a specific wish for a diving site that you would like to visit during your sojourn with us, please let us know in advance or on your return so that we can tell you the best date and best possible moment for the best one. Don't be afraid if you haven't brought your diving tackle with you, we have diving tackle available for the duration of your sojourn.

It' one of the biggest in the Alacrity Rocks, but also one of the fewest in the whole wide range, making it an unbelievable and enigmatic adventure to explore the submarine caverns and crevasses of Alacrity Rocks like Broken Stone and Split Rock. The diving instructors know these places like the back of their hands and take you on some of the most impressive diving trips of your time.

Dives are made on first arrivals, then a stop for a picknick on a secluded sandy island on one of the smaller islands of the Kadavu archipelago and another before going to Papageno. There are five, seven and ten nights packages available, separated from the booking of your accomodation.

By booking your accomodation on-line, you have the possibility to add one of these packs to your whole booking. The Great Astrolabe Reef would be a prime diving spot. There are five, seven and ten nights dives available. Get the most out of your Kadavu trip and enjoy all the submarine marvels the north coast of the island has to boast.

Included in all our diving packs are all New Aqua Lung BCD' and regulator gear, professional instructors and refreshing coffee/tea between dives. By booking your accomodation on our website, you have the possibility to add one of these packs to your whole booking:

There are a number of PADI scope diving classes available, but we need a pre-registration for Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, EFR, or Divemaster Class. The PADI is the world's premier diving education organisation and our PADI-certified instructors are excited to show new diver the marvels of the marine life that surround the Kadavu Group.

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