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" How far is it from Calicut station? The Kadavu Resort & Ayurveda Centre. HomeHotel Raviz Kadavu Resort and Ayurveda Spa. The last day in Calicut and on to Cochin in the morning. Booking WelcomHotel Raviz Kadavu, Kozhikode online at reduced prices.

Where is Calicut train stop?


where is it from calicut trainstation? do they rank some take up and drops? tointindia? Hello, it is 14 km from the train terminal and yes, they organize pick-ups for an additional charge. It is 12 km from the train stations. Our arrangements are low priced. Call the lodgings and talk to the hotel's agency.


Prices may not be available directly from the hotels. Reserving a room on-line is simple. For general inquiries, information on hotels, pick up from the airports and to book a meeting, please contact us using the following form: Only to better service you. Topics that are good help us to service you more quickly. In order to be able to serve you more quickly and effectively, we ask you to make as much information as possible available to us.

In case you already have a reservation number, please enter it in the above mentioned contact sheet.

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