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Map of Kadavu Island

A detailed map of Kadavu Island in Fiji with interactive maps showing hotel locations, villages, beach views and pictures of tourist attractions. The site shows the location of Kadavu Island, Fiji on a detailed Google hybrid map. Map of Kadavu Island, Kadavu Island topography, Kadavu Island elevation, Kadavu Island relief, Fiji, Eastern Division, Kadavu province, natural feature. The DIVE ME was built especially for diving on the island of Kadavu. Use the Kadavu Hotels map provided.

Kadavu Island Detailed Google Hybrid Map

Kadavu Island's maps are provided by Google. View Kadavu Island from a different view. Yeah, this Google map's beautiful. Please do not keep this card of Kadavu Island, Fiji to yourself if you like it. You can also give your buddies the opportunity to see the card. Free card of Kadavu Island.

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Kadavu Island Map, Fiji, South Pacific Islands

Fiji's third biggest isle, Kadavu, is formed like a beetle and is almost crushed by two coves. There are few streets on Kadavu, and both locals and tourists take a speed boat from Vunisea International Port to remote towns and cities. Proteins are delivered by the Kadavu reefs, as well as the innumerable free-range hens and cows.

The Kadavu is abundant in indigenous bio-diversity. Imported wildlife such as Mangus, Common Manguste, Common Mergus, Bulbous and Common European Common Tad, which have exterminated indigenous Fiji wildlife in most other parts, have not made it. Kadavu's famed red-green musky macaws are easy to see and hear. Apart from the honeymoon on vacation, the most common people in Kadavu are diver who want to dive the amazing astrolabe reef.

Surfer are catching their dreams at Nagigia Island near Nabukelevuira in the west of Kadavu. The Kadavu Island has many insulated diving destinations, among them the Matana Resort at Drue and the Matava Hideaway on the southern part. There are a number of small seaside towns along the Ono Canal between the Ono and Kadavu Isles, with Albert's Place being a bit more sophisticated for backpacker tourists and others such as Waisalima, Tiliva and Jona's.

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