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Accommodation Kadavu Island

Accommodation near Kandavu Airport, Kadavu Island on TripAdvisor: The Kadavu Island Travel Guide is your online travel guide. The Kadavu Island Hotels website searches for the best deals on luxury hotels. At the moment Matava offers two different levels of accommodation with private bathroom. The majority get around Fiji's fourth largest island, Kadavu, on foot or by boat.

Astonishing stopover in Kadavu !

Only disadvantage was the showers. You will need to clean yourself with an Indian-style pail and shovel because the hydrostatic force is very untrustworthy and only supplies flowing waters for about a third of the usual flush. They' re gonna bring some boiling kettle of kettle for you. At least it's a nice little sizzle.

The best hotels near Kandavu Airport (KDV)

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Island Kadavu, Fiji

I am Andrea Pichler and I plan to put together a group of kayak riders for a Fiji canoe tour in 2018. Just as many excursions if you are seated at the Home Bay DOC campsite after a nice outing. Circumnavigating the island of Kadavu has not been done in the last 5 years.

The whole group meets at Nadi International Airport for the Kadavu Island at 10.45 am. Sea kayaking, snorkelling, walking. in the Papageno Resort. Kayaking, snorkelling and walking. 2. at the Tiliva Resort.

Explore Fiji - your ultimate guide to Kadavu

It' to get away from it all and immerse yourself deeply in the tranquillity of one of the last untouched paradise in the worid. Kadavu Group is a stunning vulcanic island just outside Viti Levu, encircled by the unique Great Astrolabe Reef. The Kadavu is the group' major island and the 4th biggest island in Fiji.

The Kadavu Group has something to suit every island enthusiast, whether you want to dive into the hot water of one of the world's biggest barriere coral corals and confront yourself with a stunning variety of sea creatures or sit on a handmade Banan Stool, holding a piece of bananas and nuts.

Kadavu Island Group remains largely unaffected by this trend and therefore has few streets or cars and no bank! You will certainly have a more genuine off-grid living experiences with a more subsistent crop industry like cava.

It is not a problem to do anything between the many Kadavu Island, from wonderful walks down into the rain forest to first class snorkeling spots. You will never want to let go of the island's unspoilt nature. Scuba is a must for every diver in Kadavu. Exploit the unique chance to immerse yourself in water with many indigenous types of fishing in all colours you can think of.

As the area is so pristine, the views are clear, which means you have an undisturbed look at the Great Astrolabe Reef in all its gorge. In Kadavu, most dive destinations include Mai Dive Astrolabe Reef Resort and Waisalima Beach Resort & Dive Centre. When you feel courageous, go snorkeling with the local Manta Rays on a full days excursion with the Papageno Resort.

There is no need to climb into the sea to enjoy the pristine beauties of the Kadavu Group islets. Favorites are the Kavala Bay Falls and Vatalutu Paths. Be sure to provide yourself with the necessities, especially drinking and drinking before you leave. Kadavu Island's best way to see what it has to offer is to take a trip by canoe.

You will not only be able to experience the riff's stunning nature, but you will also have a secret hand up your sleeves. Accommodation in a typical Fiji town is an ideal way to find out more about the area. An island where people still lead lifestyles, this is as near as living the story in near-realtime.

Companied by a cheerful and cheerful staff who will make every possible attempt to ensure that you are catching at least a few catches, our visitors are sure to have an enjoyable time on the canal. Featuring Blue Marlin, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Pacific Sailfish and Mahimahi, you never know what to capture.

It is a favourite drinking and traditionally consumed in ceremonies and is said to have an anaesthetic effect in the oral cavity, leading to muscular relax and hypnotic. Most Kadavu Resort have an outstanding rapport with the locals, which means you are fortunate enough to attend a small village celebration.

This ceremony, characterized by dividing the water of the river cava, is a high point of many tourists' visits to the Kadavu Islands. Be aware to respect the indigenous cultural life by dressed in conservative clothes and not wear hats. In case of any doubts, ask your holiday destination about the regional habits.

The Kadavu group's accommodation facilities are rather restricted to high-end honeymoon and scuba resort destinations, as the island has relatively small population. Kadavu has few independent dining and bar facilities, with most resort facilities providing meals for visitors including breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Mealtimes at the residence are also limited to our clients, as they were arranged before the clients arrive. If you believe in the Koromakawa mantras that eating is a delight, not a job, look no further than Koromakawa resor. The menus in this venue are customized for each client on the basis of meal choices handed in before they arrive.

Specialized in Fijian, Macedonian and Shellfish, you know you will enjoy a gastronomic adventure at Oneta Resort. With our own local products, you'll be hungry for your meals just a few month after leaving Kadavu. Mai Dive's master chefs are able to transform the most basic food into a dish that makes you salivate.

The food in this place will probably keep you so full that the only thing you want to do is lay down on the shore and bask in the sun. Nadi - The simplest way to Kadavu Island (the group' s principal island) is a 45-minute one-way from Nadi International Airport to Vunisea Airport in Kadavu.

The Fiji Link is the national airline of Fiji and offers low-cost internal connections to 12 thrilling cities, such as Kadavu. Everyday charters from Nadi to Kadavu are available via Island Hoppers, perfect for those who want to minimize transfers. They have large capsules for surf boards, angling and diving equipment.

For a more flavorful trip, try a helicopter/sea plane shuttle from Nadi Airport with Pacific Island Seaplanes to climb directly onto the smooth, gold sands in front of your desired Kadavu resorta. Kadavu Island - Upon your return, the best way to other Kadavu Group Island, such as Ono Island, is by speed boat.

The majority of our hotels provide free transfer and connectivity service, so you should verify this when you book.

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