Kadavu Diving

Diving Kadavu

Kadavu diving is all about the Great Astrolabe Reef, which winds its way into the deep blue distance from the island's shores. Kadavu's Great Astrolabe Reef, which winds far from the island's shore, is what diving in Kadavu is all about. Dive on the large astrolabe reef near Kadavu Island. Have a look at our latest Kadavu Island Diving photos. Dive Kadavu and Matana Beach Resort, Kadavu's oldest resort, offers a real Fiji Island experience.

The Great Astrolabe Reef

Must be the first on the Great Astrolabe Reef shortlist on your front door when staying at one of the Kadavu Southern side hotels. Please be advised that if you live in a northern side dive centre, you will make most dives on the Namalata Reef system and the associated Boom.

You' ll have to circumnavigate the islands by ferry or lorry to go diving on the Great Astrolabe Ref. Great Astrolabe is considered the 4th biggest barriere coral corsair in the whole wide open space of the Aegean. It is Fiji's biggest lifetre. Kadavu's south side is 120 km long.

It' one of the world's leading dive sites (not just one opinion) and has a wide variety of dive sites with corals and sea creatures. It was named after the crash of the famous Dumont d'Urville in 1827 in his ship "The Astrolabe".

This is a very, very specialized and one of the few places in the whole wide globe where you can see dives on a regular basis. When you want to see dives, this will always be one of the best dives you will ever do. Scubaiving on the north side of Kadavu is as good as the astrolabe.

Scuba fishing is conducted by Kadavu and Papageno Resorts. Scuba dipping at Kadavu include the Nabukelevu-i-ra (pelagic and giant salad corals) and Namalata Reefs (fish, rigid and flexible corals), where you have a selection of steady and current scuba work. The most divesites on the astrolabe are all current divers...... because almost all of them are partitions.

You can also go scuba-diving to the Manta site on the Astrolabe.....good adventures, as you can see both sides of the islands and get a foretaste of genuine Fiji friendliness at the Galoa forenoon. Scuba in Papageno involves scuba dipping the Pacific Voyager shipwreck, the only shipwreck dives on Kadavu Iceland are about 100ft.

And, yes, Papageno visitors can go snorkeling....believe it, you can see dolphins less than 20ft! It is situated on the western side of the isle of Ono, near the smaller isle of Bulia. Beside Pageno and Waisalima Beach Resorts, Mai Dive Resorts and Koromakawa Resorts you can also check out this site, and by arrangement with the village people on Bulia it is never overcrowded and it is just snorkelling - no diving equipment.

It is a one hours cruise from Papageno. All the other resort are within 10-20 minutes. The Mantas diving on the south side of the islands are near the Soso Passage at the Great Astrolabe Reef. The area is used by both Kadavu and Matava Resort.

Bulia Mantra is unique......everyone can see the Bulia-Mantra!

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