Kadavu Calicut

Cadavu Calicut

The Raviz Resort & Spa Kadavu Kozhikode to discover the wonders of Kozhikode / Calicut. It will be a great event in Calicut, the former capital of the impressive Zamorin dynasty and Malabar. KERALA, India, MANHA KADAVU, KOZHIKODE, PINCode Search, Postal Details, All Postal Data of India. At the heart of Calicut, mystical and surreal, Kadavu Resort stands as an emerging figure in the minds of those seeking pleasure. Raviz Resort & Spa, Kadavu, Kozhikode:

Calicut Kadavu Resort & Ayurveda Centre:photos,reviews,offers

The Kadavu Resort & Ayurvedic Centre is a luxury resort with a luxury commercial resort in an extensive nine hectare property on the side of the Backwater, a delightful place with forests of shaky, gracious palm trees that lie opposite the waves dancin' on the sands. At Kadavu you can pamper yourself in one of the 17 separate cabins or rent one of the 103 stylishly furnished rooms or apartments.

They are all central air-conditioned and correspond to the architectonic mixture of Mappila and Hindu and offer an insight into the intriguing natural beauties of Kerala. It effortlessly combines contemporary comfort with Malabar's tradition. Houseboat cruising along the Malabar backwater is an memorable adventure.

The houseboat is available to your taste, you can stroll in the calm, tranquil water of our world-famous backwater, spend a happy hour and return home either on the same afternoon or after a long one. It is moored at anchor at night while you enjoy our kitchen and rest in peace.

The Specialist RestaurantThe stunning views from the Multi-Cuisine eatery, which offers genuine local dishes as well as delicious dishes from all over the world. The Olappura - The colourful Malabar-style straw-roofed coffeeshopBuilt offers breakfasts and quick food, while the coffeeshop offers a panoramic overview of the quiet backwater of the city.

There' are many things that will fill your days at this area. Fitnesscenter: The Ayurveda Centre: The Kerala Govt. for Kerala's Green Leaf certification, an acknowledgement of Kerala Govt. for outstanding qualitiy, cleanliness and age. Ayurveda, the science of living, connects the arts of the outdoors. Situated in its generous treasure, charm is genuine and uncharted.

The Kadavu Ayurveda CentreThe peaceful environment of the Kadavu Aliyurvedic Village gives you a sense of tranquility and serenity. The Kadavu Resorts, Calicut - the luxurious five-star hotel on the shores of the Chaliyar is a place where you can enjoy Malabar cooking, Malabar and Kerala cultures and ayurveda treatment to make your bodies young.

The Kadavu Authentic Ayurveda Centre is a singular combination of historical, geographic and cultural aspects. It is well linked by plane, train and street. The airport offers departures to the three major cities Kochi (Cochin), Kozhikode (Calicut) and Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). The airport Calicut is only 12 km away from Kadavu.

The Cochin International and Trivandrum airports are 160 km and 350 km away respectively. By train: There are also convenient train connections to Calicut from Cochin and Trivandrum. Also known as a motorway residence, this is located on the NH17 motorway, close to the international airports and this is also a motorway residence only 14 km from Calicut city centre.

Many luxury buses/taxis are also available from all metro towns in India to Calicut. Calicut is the nearest bus terminal.

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