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Towns; Other accommodation; More hotel themes; Popular chains. Explore the best hotels in Kadavu including Matava Resort, Waisalima Beach Resort & Dive Centre, Cooksley's Homestay.

Further accommodation in Kadavu Island. Wild, rugged, untamed, spectacular - The Kadavu archipelago offers a snapshot of the pre-developed Fiji Islands. De Kadavu accommodation directory, Fiji Islands.

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Wild, rough, untamed, dramatic - the Kadavu archipelago offers a momentary view of the pre-developed Fiji isles. Holidays in Fiji: Kadavu Island offers lodging for the final, remote holiday in Fiji. The Kadavu Island Resort has the best natural surroundings to offer: walking and waterfall, bird watching, windsurfing, surf, swim, fish and dive at the Great Astrolabe Reef.

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Our most beloved resort on the island of Kadavu is Matava - Fiji....Untouched, which has been reserved 5 hours in the last one. Registration is free and only lasts two-minute and if you stay 10 days, you get 1 noct*. Thus, a week-end on Kadavu Island can also be a first steps towards a free overnight stay in a luxury car.

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The Pacific Islands chart does not show any lists on the chart itself, but can be navigated by mouseclick. There are many types of accommodations in Kadavu, with choices to meet most needs, budget and taste. When you or one of your groups needs secure and open lodging in Kadavu, take a look at our list of available lodgings.

This type of lodging provides accessibility for the handicapped, older or frail. Frequently in the possession of Kadavu painters, scupltoren and craftsmen, our offers for art-loving lodgers often contain nicely decorated interior spaces, antiquities and simple entrance to in-house galeries (e.g. turnery, ceramics and watercolour painting) or community outbuildings.

When you need someone to help you organize your Kadavu accommodations and itineraries, take a look at our offers for lodging schedulers, complete with lodging and passports to help you get the most out of your time. Sleep in either fully equipped flats or self-catering flats and you will find all the amenities of a house in Kadavu.

The apartments are suitable for different budget, group size and type and can be found all over Kadavu, especially in favourite vacation areas. Brooks (nativity scenes) are part of the Kadavu festive traditions, where the escape into the "brook" is part of every vacation. With Kadavu has a wide selection for backpacking tourists and travelers with a good price/performance ratio with a variety of backpacking accommodations and cheap accommodations throughout the state.

The accommodations, amenities, activities and trips are tailored to the needs and interests of backpacker tourists. Overnight stay with buffet in Kadavu provides the possibility to live in a genuine Kadavu house. B&Bs offer everything from single-family houses to luxurious boutiques, but most B&Bs offer a warm welcome and tasty brunch.

When you want to be out on the open sea, in the fjords or on the lake during your holidays in Kadavu, then take a look at the ferry and the cruise shelters. Soak up the old Kadavu world's charms in a shop and historic lodging throughout the state. Select from rustic farmsteads, characterful and historic houses, art-deco mansions and small, intimate Kadavu accommodations that offer a selection of boutiques.

All over Kadavu there are camp sites, camp sites and recreation centres for campers with marquees, camper vans and caravans. Frequently nicely placed near outdoor activities, these vacation resorts offer mostly kitchen, baths, laundry, playgrounds, and more. A great alternative for your stay in Kadavu. The Kadavu offer a large selection of environmentally safe and unspoilt accommodations in the centre of the country's unspoilt area.

Select from holiday homes, luxurious villas and New Zealand beach huts. Luxurious lodging offers the demanding traveler an extraordinary high degree of qualitiy, services and luxuriousness. Select from luxurious, premium lodging available from Kadavu's hotel, lodge and resort locations. Are you looking for child-proof furnishings (cots and highchairs), play areas, public baths and lodgings with other child-friendly leisure facilities?

If so, take a look at our family-friendly accommodations in Kadavu, which are sure to be a lot of enjoyment and will remain unforgettable for the right people. Featuring many farmhouses in one of Kadavu's most scenic landscapes, a stay on a farmyard and the welcoming atmosphere of the country is a very pleasant way to see parts of Kadavu that other travelers who follow the well-trodden paths may not see.

The Rainbow and Rose Tourist Board provides a large selection of homosexual, bisexual and dykefriendly lodgings throughout Kadavu. Especially homosexual and leishmaniac lodgings often offer their visitors a cordial welcome, private sphere, remoteness and tastes. Select from one of the country-style cottages or luxury cottages throughout Kadavu.

If you choose to live with a host familiy in Kadavu, you will normally live in rooms or outbuildings within a Kadavu house. The Kadavu Host is known for its cordial hospitality, eating with hosts is often an optional extra and staying with a host familiy is an ideal way for English learners to do well. The Kadavu Hotel offers a large selection of accommodations for a large number of travelers and budget (tourists, groups, homestays, companies, conferences and businesses).

Booking your Kadavu lodging, you can select between cheap and luxurious five-star properties. The Kadavu Lodge and Retreat offers tired travelers and overworked natives a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Head to far-flung places in the Kadavu landscape and be enchanted by the luxuries, services and beauty of the landscape.

Kadavu Motel and Engine Lodge offers travelers and visitors all the amenities of a house, as well as kitchen or kitchenette areas to make self-catering easier. The Kadavu Motel offers rooms and suite in a wide range of room and suite types to meet different accommodations and budget needs. If you are interested in a particular type of exercise or activities such as playing, angling, yachting, hunting and walking, then take a look at our offers for cabins, hotels and open-air loggias, most of which are located near outstanding athletic centres.

It' a great way to get to know other like-minded people. Browse our pet-friendly Kadavu lodging to find out where and when your pets are welcome at our lodging establishments. There are a number of accommodations available, among them huts, lodges, motels and motor parks. Take a well-deserved rest and take timeout to enhance your mood at Kadavu's lovely resort and thermal baths, which specialize in thermal baths, aesthetic therapy, rejuvenation and rejuvenation of your state.

Kadavu self-catering is a great choice for family and travelers who want to take advantage of a schedule without opening hours. There are a variety of Kadavu Self-catering Accommodation options, from motel to campsite, to suit all budget levels. Situated in a typically rural setting, Kadavu's Villas offer travelers the chance to unwind in isolated and intimate settings near well-known and isolated beautys.

The prices of accomodation vary according to type, height, style and time of year. Kadavu Wein has gained an unsurpassed worldwide fame for its quality. A stay in one of the country's vineyards is an ideal way to get a literal first impression of the Kadavu winemaking world. As with many vines, it is often a shop and of a very high quality.

When you are a single or small group traveler, you may want to find a place that is only suitable for you. Kadavu's safer and safer accommodations can help to provide a good night's sleep so you can relax and refresh yourself every single morning of your vacation.

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