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Are you familiar with the basic rules of fictitious writing? HereĀ are the principles of writing (and when to break them) with examples from author Richard Blandford. States, diplomacy and rules. GAME RULES: The official rules for the JW basketball tournaments are the same as for the CIF High School and except as stated below:. Advertisement rules allow publishers to tailor ads to their viewers.

By-laws to obey vs. rules to obey.

The Jehovah's Witnesses' rules are many and varied. You have rules for all kinds of people. The rules apply to every member of Jehovah's Witness. A few of the rules are common moral rules. There are other rules specifically for the faith of Jehovah's Witness. Then some rules seem a little ridiculous.

Jehovah's Witnesses' faith must be acknowledged and followed by each individual member. To depart from one's convictions, however, would mean to take a stand in the face of secession. When a Jehovah's Witness is considered a renegade, he or she is expelled from the fellowship. Therefore, one must realize that the primary law of Jehovah's Witnesses is to believe everything that is presented to them by their governing bodies, even if these convictions have been altered from the past or if these convictions will be altered with the time.

Jehovah's Witnesses' rules are subdivided into two parts in this paper. The rules a member should obey are there. Those are rules that are not demands. These rules would not interfere with a member if they were broken. There are then the rules that a member should obey.

Those rules are demands. Violation of these rules is punishable. Bearing in mind that Jehovah's Witnesses have so many rules, one would do well to remember that the whole law is kept in one law, namely, "You must lov your neighbour as yourself. They were only supposed to be with Jehovah's Witnesses. No.

If you choose to be with Jehovah's Witnesses, you should make sure that they are outstanding adherents to the rules of Jehovah's Witnesses. See for yourself. They should embrace the definitions of renegades as set forth in Jehovah's Witnesses. They should be accepting that renegades are psychologically ill. I want you to agree that renegade doctrines are nothing more than just propoganda and the one-sided perspective of JW.org.

Thou shalt be baptised in the name of the Son, the Holy One and the spiritual organisation of God. They should agree that the New World Translation of Holy Scriptures (NWT) is the most precise one. They should agree that the whole Evangelical scriptural cannon is the only exact collection of biblical textbooks.

They must agree that all ledgers included in other scriptures but not found in the NWT canons are wrong. I want you to agree that 29 A.D. is a central date in the scriptural timeline. They should agree that the Scriptures are the most efficient help in dealing with psychological problems.

They must not embrace any medicinal device made from human or its main ingredients. They should not bring another Jehovah's Witness to justice. They should not be interested in Jehovah's Witness, who is penniless. If you do deal with Jehovah's Witness, you should draw up a document.

Do not do anything with any witness outside of Jehovah unless there is no other option. They should not rent a property belonging to a nunnery. They should not buy a property from a church, but it is not forbidden unless the property is used by both sides as a place of worship. Therefore, they should not buy a property from a school.

I don't want you to take or give a payoff. Understand that a pledge to God is always authentic unless such a pledge conflicts with Jehovah's witnessing teachings. Restrict your connection with non-Jehovah's Witnesses. You should restrict your connection with non-Jehovah's Witnesses. a... Thou shalt only worship those who are wrong; if thou prayest for others in public, some Jehovah's witnesses may fall.

They must agree that contributions will be used for more than the sermon work, inclusive of, but not restricted to, cases of molestation of children. They may not make a donation to any non-Jehovah's Witnesses. They may not do so. In most cases, a woman should be wearing a headgear when she interprets the religion. Thou shalt have no ink unless thou hast received thy ink before thou became Jehovah's Witness.

I don't want you to have piercing except for earlobe piercing for girls. When religion is mandatory in your schools, you should make sure that additional Bible teaching is offered for correction or clarification using Jehovah's Witness Books. Thou shalt not take any religion classes that do not come from Jehovah's witness. The eldest should not regard young people in their early or middle teenagers as minions.

I told you to tell the oldest people what your sin was. Elderly people should be attending members who do not participate in regular sessions. The eldest should be visiting members who do not volunteer to be regular preachers. The race control appoints oldest and ministry officials. It is the responsibility of the Ancients to identify, denounce in public or private any person who violates Jehovah's Witnesses' ethical codes.

I want the oldest to expel anyone who violates the rules. Let the Ancients exclude anyone who violates the rules on a repeated basis. The eldest must dissociate a member if they or their child has a circulatory system resuscitation. The eldest should not tell the community about the injustice of an evildoer, even if it could endanger the community. An eldest must obtain a plea or have at least two eyewitnesses confirming that grave sin has been sinned.

On an S-77 sheet, the oldest must state dissociation or dissociation. An eldest informs the church when a member has been blamed in public. The eldest may not bring serious sin such as sexually abusing, raping or abusing a young person to the attention of criminal prosecution authorities, unless this is prescribed by the laws of secularism. The eldest must not hinder or discourage persons affected by serious sin such as sexually assault, misuse of children or misuse of children from notifying them to the prosecution authorities.

Let the Ancients give an accounting of how they treat Jehovah's ewes. An eldest may not pass on to persons who are not authorised to receive a letter sent to the body of elder. Older people are sharing at least parts of the letter sent to all congregations. At least three oldest members of a legal group.

No woman may be used as an elder or a servant. To underscore the merit of educating minors with Jehovah's Witnesses, a woman who is wedded to a non-Jehovah's Witness should be tactful. When an unbelieving parent prevents Jehovah's Witness Woman from training her offspring in Jehovah's Witnesses, she should practice her religious liberty by giving her offspring expression of her faith in Jehovah and her understanding of Jehovah's Witnesses.

And if a sire is not a Jehovah's Witness, then the Blessed Virgin should give a schooling. I don't think you should call the board into question. Do you? I wanted you to believe that the Ancients have been designated by the Holy Ghost. They should agree that closeness to Jehovah is to be near the Watchtower Society and JW.org. Do you have to admit that the loyal and discrete servant who is in Who is really the loyal and discrete servant his Lord has named over his domestic workers to give them their nourishment in due tempora?

Mathew 24:45 is the leading authority of Jehovah's Witness. I want you to agree that Jesus named the board in 1919. Thou shalt not be at odds with the rules, statutes, and teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. No. They should not be singing birthdaysongs, accepting presents or drawing/painting such szenes. They should not be singing carols, accepting presents or painting such szenes.

They should not be singing or accepting presents /eggs or drawing/painting such scenery. They should not be singing down halloween tunes, accepting goodies or giving goodies on halo. They should not be writing a Valentine's Day greeting or accepting presents or drawing/painting such scenery. They should refrain from participating in a non-Jehovah's Witnesses' solemnity. Do not give or post a flower if there is a sacred link to a flower at a burial in your place.

An elder should use his consciousness to decide if he would give a memorial ceremony for a suicidal sacrifice. Jehovah's Witnesses shall not receive a memorial ceremony from the Ancients, except for unchristened Jehovah's Witnesses' orphans. It is not for the oldest to give a memorial for those who committed a self-inflicted crime. They should not participate in non-Jehovah's Witnesses' marriages or ceremonials.

They should not get remarried by non-Jehovah's Witnesses. They should not do so. Thou shalt not wed a witness of a non-Jehovah in a kingdom hall. Thou shalt not cast rice/confetti at a Jehovah's Witnesses' marriage-work. They should consider whether carrying a gem or natal stone would disturb the Jehovah's Witness.

I don't want you to have worship figures or symbols. I don't want you to be wearing iconic religion. They should agree that despite the fact that the Tetragrammaton is not found in any of the existing Grecian New Testament or Hebrew Matthew scripts, or even where the manuscript cites parts of the Oldestament in which the Tetragrammaton would be found, the New World Translation Committee is right to include it over 230 copies in its will.

They should believe that Jesus is the midwayer only for Jehovah's Witnesses and not for all of humanity. Anyone who believes that they do not belong to the 144000 should not consume the food and drinking the vine which is the lifeblood and heifer. They should believe that Jesus is the midwayer only for Jehovah's Witnesses and not for all of humanity.

I don't want you reading the religion of non-Jehovah's testimonies. I think you should just admit that you're a sin. Thou shalt not tell lies, but thou mayest not tell the Jehovah's Witness the unworthy one. Only Jehovah's witnesses will live through Armageddon. They should agree that the two testimonies in Revelation 11 are all those who take the lead:

Board, Branches, Council of Elders, District Officers and Recommended Brothers. Roman 11:26 relates to a sacred Israel, namely Jehovah's Witnesses. They should believe that Jehovah's witness will be the last faith to be assaulted by the rulers of the earth before God instituts Armageddon. 12:7 And I will make my two eyewitnesses predict in sacking for 1,260 whole days. 12:7 And I will make a prophecy in sacking.

Revelation 11:3 have a fulfilment in the incidents between December 1914 and June 1918 with respect to Jehovah's Witnesses. 2. Ye will believe that God will transform the world into a heaven where the "other sheep" of Jehovah's Witnesses will forever sojourn. Stand as one of Jehovah's testimonies until you perish, or in the unlikely case that Armageddon comes into your life to save you.

They should call the non-Jehovah's testimonies "worldly men. Thou shalt be qualified as a publisher to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I want you to believe that Satan is true and rules the earth. I told you only to go out with Jehovah's Witness. They should not visit church meetings. Shopkeepers are not allowed to buy or sale any kind of sacred utensils.

If your work has no link to the ABT clinics, you can agree to payment from an ABT clinics. They may not work in any way for a non-Jehovah's Witnesses religion group. I don't want you to take jobs where you're shot up.

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