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2018 World Cup: Like Jordan Pickford became England's number one

English keeper Jordan Pickford has made a name for himself at the World Cup. Within a year, he has gone from relegating to the Premier League with his home side Sunderland to become the unchallenged number one in the game. It became known in June 2017, when Everton Sunderland was paying 30 million pounds for it and fulfilling the Black Cats' asking prices as a serious investing in the futures.

The manoeuvrability and flexibility that have helped England so well in Russia have made a lot of bull. Returning from his dyed-in-the-wool life to his much-loved Sunderland, Pickford went from the Premier League into the premier league in free fall - and even since moving to Everton, he hasn't had an easier time of it.

For Pickford, the move to Everton under the then-managing director Ronald Koeman was to be the beginning of a much -pressurized existence - but perhaps with fewer rescues. Everton, however, went into almost immediate heart-break among the Dutch before being replaced by Sam Allardyce - but in a time of almost inexorable woes, Pickford was on top of every other player's heads and shoulders.

These achievements prompted Southgate, a frequent Everton visitors last year, to make his Wembley d├ębut in a friendlies match against Germany in November 2017 before being elected as his World Cup goal keeper in Russia. Everton's prizes at the end of the year were a Pickford event when he collected the player of the year, the young player of the year and the player of the year.

With a goal keeper needed and Pickford being Walsh's first and only throw, he insisted on signing it, he said, fearing that a Real Madrid-sized team might even be interested and willing to double the Toffees' price. When Pickford accidentally hit his knees rather than the ground in an otherwise great game against Sweden, the brace on his lefthand side when he showed the man of the game.

England's trip to the first World Cup semi-final since 1990 has attracted the interest of a previously skeptical audience.

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