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Scheduled and charter flights to/from Great Barrier Island. Find jobs - Contact - Visit website. The locals were divided about the project, some were hoping for new jobs. Chef and manager for a long-established hospitality industry on Great Barrier Island. Subscribe to RSS Job Alerts - View all jobs.

Aupair for Great Barrier Island

We' re looking for an au pair for our host families on Great Barrier Island (about 90 km northeast of Auckland) for at least 4 MONTH. We' re a 3-person group, plus our puppy who thinks she's a person We like to be in nature and enjoy lots of funny things like windsurfing, boat trips and walking.

There are many nice walks and sandy spots on Great Barrier Island, which is great if you want to discover and experience the outdoors. A 7-month-old au couple is needed to look after our 7-month-old boy from Monday to Friday from 830 am to 5 pm while we work. In the evening and on the weekend there is free day, except for baby-sitting.

They must be able to travel because there is no means of transportation on the island.

BiBec Gibson, Aotea/Great Barrier Island Ranger " Conservation Blogs

Get behind the curtains and into the jobs, tasks, accomplishments, highlights and celebrities of the staff of the Department of Cconservation ("DOC"). Co-operating with nature protection foundations to help them with their own activities and activities, to organise activities, to provide useful educational facilities and to assist the bio-diversity teams as needed.

It contributes to realizing the DOC vision: Building useful relationships to provide more protection and ensuring that there is another breed developing protection in the years to come. I' ll meet with the board one of these days; next I'll have a spot show on the shore; next I'll help the bio-diversity boys watch mokohinau island mice - and that was only last fortnight!

So many, and I don't want to rule out the beautiful ones I have worked with - they are all inspirational and have inspired me in many ways. Other far-flung isles, New Zealand's Subantarctic: Campsbell Island, the Auckland Isles and the Snares/Tini Heke.

It' s astonishing to see Campbell blossom after the distance of ovine and rat, and the nice generous snares with abundant habitats, the largest Stilbocarpa I will probably ever see in my Iife! Come back to the school and study a Masters degree in fresh water ecology and do your diploma in our lovely awa/rivers.

It' another nice stream on the South Island! And the best counsel I've ever received is, "You don't make more ground to take care of it. Individuals who are committed to what they believe in and lead the conversation. I would advise New Zealanders Life on an island makes you conscious of the consumer-oriented environment when you return to the continent.

Which words of sapience would you give to the townspeople who move to Great Barrier Island?

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