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Bora Bora-like islands

These are our top picks of enviable and affordable places similar to Bora Bora, but cheaper. This island is shaped like a heart. We had so much space to walk around that we didn't feel that we had cabin fever. On the Niyama Private Islands you can do just that. And if you like your adventure above the surface, both Tahiti and Fiji have a lot to offer.

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The Sofitel Marara Bora Bora Bora was our favourite place during the journey. And we really want to copy that feeling. To be honest, it doesn't even have to be somewhere on FP, we just want the same feeling and the same snorkelling experience as on Bora Bora. For Bora Bora Bora Bora the best offer is probably Club Med, as it is all included and often a 2. 1/2 prize pro.

However, I don't think it will be half the cost of your last voyage. Not an OWB......great snorkelling and surf. We' re looking for a great snorkel spot that won't blow up the bench. View to Belize, Glovers Atoll astonishing snorkelling and scubaiving. Hopefully to go that bummmer much better rate than Bora Bora, but its a bit less on my wishful thinking.

The best way to get around is to buy a Packaged Hotels & Airlines, all-inclusive hotels with fresh sea breezes and dive packages, great snorkelling spots and near the north-east for 5 to 7 night. 10-15 day trip: 7: It' really tough to defeat Club Med in Bora Bora.

Without the club we would not have been able to relish Bora Bora for 30 years. The last excursion in October and repeat at the end of March. I' ve just looked into it and a whole weeks at the club with all the good stuff you can eat and drink costs $1,900. I was in the Turks only in a Club Med.

Situated on its own small isle, away from the busy Providenciales area. Last year we went to Moorea for a whole weekend and took the opportunity to reopen the Sofitel Moorea - 6 days inclusive all food, flight costs, etc. for 1600 PP. In this year we have chosen to spend 6 days in Hotel Bora Bora.....

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