Islands near Rarotonga

Rarotonga Islands

Co-cook islands Meteorological Service Nikao, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Explore the amazing and diverse Cook Islands, which are divided into northern and southern groups. Welcome to the Cook Islands from Rarotonga.

If you think you have everything, fill out our job applications to get started.

If you think you have everything, fill out our job applications to get started. If you think you have everything, fill out our job applications to get started. With our one-stop visitor SIM from one source, you can stay in contact with your loved ones even on vacation.

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Cook Islands, Our Islands

Known as the Cook Islands, the Cook Islands have some of the most astonishing and varied landscapes in the South Pacific. These range from craggy, old, bush-covered volcano tops to blank sand shores and mountain streams. There are two groups of islands - the North Group and the South Group.

In the south, on the Rarotonga isle, all our foreign tourists are treated to the fragrance of frankiepani and the sound of ukulelele by'Papa' Jake Numaga. Accommodation is on the Rarotonga and our clients often drive without exploring the islets. The islands are very special and have an unspoilt natural beauties that make them memorable - well deserving a trip!

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