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Vojvodina Travel- Talu Island - a small beautiful island near Hua Hin Dr. David Thailand Travel Guide. Tips, advice, things to do, cards and when. Accompany a relaxing holiday in Hua Hin on the mainland with a stay on the completely untouched and picturesque little island Koh Talu in the Thai Gulf. Cha Am Beaches.

The beach of Hua Hin Hua Hin is a very popular single and family beach.

Talu Tours

The Talu is a small wonderfull Thai Isle, which is only a few driving hrs away from the well-known health spa Hua Hin. Ko Talu's significance is "a gap through which one can look" - as you can clearly see in the image. Prachuab Khiri Khan county, where the renowned spa city of Hua Hin is found, as well as the Pala-U waterfalls (with their 15 steps), which are in Thailand's largest protected area, Kaeng Krachan, and many other great sights such as the gorgeous Ao Manao Bai.

The Ko Talu is situated in the Bang Saphan area, about 9 km from the coastline, so the journey to Ko Talu is only 30 min. by ferry or 10 min. by speedboat. You can see in the photos and videos that the islands is just a heaven, it has beautiful clear blue water, smooth whitish sand and an astonishing rainforest.

Making this beautiful Ko Talu an excellent destination for all who travel to the centre of Thailand is the relatively close proximity of Bangkok - only 4 hrs driving, of Amphawa - only 3 hrs driving and of Hua Hin - only a fewh. For those of you who don't want to spend your spare minute and budget on the long journey to Ko Surin and Ko Similan - the two best and most popular snorkelling and snorkelling islands in Thailand - Ko Talu is a great option.

You will find snorkelling and divesites near Ko Talu. Clear seawater and the relatively flat wall of reefs allow even unexperienced divers to snorkel. It is also ideal for those who prefer snorkelling to snorkelling. I didn't go underwater with Ko Talu as I had arranged with Ko Surin and Ko Similan, but the image from the ship tells its own tale and shows the wealth of them.

For those of you who only like snorkelling without staying the night on the islands, there are many resort on the beaches opposite the Ko Talu islands, which will gladly take you to the snorkelling spot for a small surcharge. When you are interested in the dive - on Ko Talu you will find everything you need - dive professionals, the necessary gear etc. More information about the dive near the islands can be found on this website.

There is a large bungalow complex on Ko Talu isle, well equiped with A/C, minibars, great views of the ocean from the terrace, etc. and everything is enclosed by a lovely backyard. Besides sun bathing, snorkelling, swimming and the enjoyment of the smooth golden sand you can also sailboats and canoes on the islands as well as go angling at nigh.

It' important to know that Ko Talu is a private place, it is the property of a young man who has the only place on the islands, so it is not possible to come to the islands without an appointment. If you are only interested in snorkelling without an night on the islands, as I said, you can get there from Hua Hin with ease - the trip takes about 2 hours.

Since Amphawa and Hua Hin are becoming more and more fashionable for today's tourist, and because of the islands attractiveness and attractiveness, and since the best season to come to the islands in sommer is when many visitors come to Thailand, I have chosen to add Ko Talu to the trips and offers on the TipTop Travel website.

Ko Talu can be included in your Thailand Family Adventure Tours through Hua Hin or in the ultimative Southern Thailand Tours with TipTop Travel Private Family Adventure Tours (Coast to Coast Tour).

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