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News board Rarotonga So how do you choose which one? I need information from someone who helped me make this decision. Moorea I found very similar to Rarotonga in look and feeling, Bora Bora is also beautiful, but more of a resort than anything else. Whilst Polynesia is beautiful, I found the natives more reserved and few speak English.

When it'?s the water: If they say that, I'll just say we take the soda so Bora Bora's at the top of our docket. The Aitutaki is often referred to as the Bora Bora of the impoverished man. The Rarotonga is the moorea of the unfortunate man. Moorea and Bora Bora should be warm in the "winter" (June, July, August).

I would suggest Bora Bora and Moorea.

Aitutaki vs. Bora Bora vs. Moorea (Cooking Islands) - Bora Bora Forum

We are told that it rained less on the island of Cambodia than on the cooking islands and that both the island of Morea and Bora Bora are more attractive than the island of Tahitiana. But Bora Bora is the most costly place against Morea and Areutaki. - Boggy: Intercontinental, Sheraton Lagoon Resort & Spa. At the moment of our reservation we were very indecisive about which hotels to spend the night in Bora Bora, but we were very satisfied with our decision and would definitely remain there again (if we could definitely buy it again!) About 4 years ago we went on vacation to the Cook Islands in early November and we really enjoy it.

Things were very calm at that point and there were not many of them, but that probably did change. and Aitutaki.... both are wonderful. Cook Islands are cheaper and both are unbelievable. Pacific is a chic....a place on the sunny side of the isle.

At Moorea my favourite is the Sheraton....they have the best beaches and great snorkelling. Isn' it a fact that it is raining less in Tahiti than in the Cook Islands in December. Also, the'Are Tamanu Island Suites' are new because I haven't seen them on any of the itineraries. The Tahiti is nearer to the Ecuadorian Sea, so the climate doesn't vary so much during the year, HOW both places have rainy December.......the odds are good....the climate is in 3-4 daily cycle, i.e.: the Sun, Raining, Moist Raining, Wet Raining, partly Sunnier, partly Sunny Sunshine's a bummer, so just go and have a great tim!

The Are Tamanu Island Suites are new! The Sea Change is a wonderful fact the vegetation mansions are opposite the can see the sea...the promenade is much more beautiful...they are very fashionable inside and have a very up-to-date ambience with deep wood and high-grade steal tools...very tasteful...the swimming pools are in the back of the vegetation look.

No slander....I seriously asked a serious way (jokingly) the moment we were trying to choose between Bora Bora, the Cook Isands and Fiji........

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