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Search hotels - French Polynesia - Society Islands; Bora Bora. Stairs to the beach & crystal clear turquoise water.

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Which other islands besides Bora Bora? I' m going to Bora Bora this year with my man and 2 girls (at this point 2,5 years and 9 months). We' ll be there for 10 overnight stays and plan a 7 night St. Regis stop.

We are debating where to stay the 3 night equilibrium. We' re making a seaside mansion in St. Regis and wanted to stay a few days in an OWB in another place (if we get that far, we have to at least see it). Everybody is talking about Moorea and how nice and different it is from Bora Bora.

Simultaneously, the resort doesn't seem to have the same luxuries (we wanted to spend the night at Sofitel). Is Bora and Tahaa too similar? Which other islands besides Bora Bora? Much to do for the beautiful Moorea I think, but if you really want to be spoiled, go Tahaa.

Which other islands besides Bora Bora? Which other islands besides Bora Bora? We' ve remained in Le Tahaa, but I would say that you would get a similar adventure as in Bora Bora, as the residence is located on a Motu and while the residence is fabulously and very Polish, there is much more to see and discover in Moorea (I think it is one of the most wonderful islands in the world).

When you rent a vehicle, you will be pampered at every turn with wonderful vistas. Moorea Bora Bora may not do justice to your desire for luxuries, but the advantage is that the prices are much lower. But the Hilton is, as far as I know, the most deluxe moorea resort.

You will have a marvellous experience no matter what kind of islands you chose, but Moorea would get my voice! Le Tahaa Kind will prove the OWB to you? Which other islands besides Bora Bora? Hello Miamivice, Regarding Moorea in my point of mall Hilton is luxurios then Sofitel. I' ve seen both and I' ve remained at the Hilton.

It' s a beautiful landscape. I' ve also been to Le tuhaa and Vahine, and I liked Vahine more. The one is a small boatoque residence with only 9 rooms (only 3 OWB) and the other is a residence, more staff, more action, not the same private sphere. Things may have been different a few years ago, but now I think it needs to be renovated.

It can' t be compared to Four seasons Bora Bora Bora, these are real 5-star. I love the turquoise islands, I like most of them, unfortunately there are no 5 star hotels there, so I can't recommend anything. Which other islands besides Bora Bora? Unfortunately we do not admit children under 4 years.

You have to be really wealthy to be in the Brando, but it looks wonderful. It' on the Tetiaroa tunnel, I was on a boating tour there, but I haven't seen the resor. Depending on what is more important to you than luxuries or the exploration of a nice isle. Aside from the Bora Bora, Le Tahaa and Brando and a few Moorea properties, I don't think there are any other real high-end properties in Polynesia.

Which other islands besides Bora Bora? I' d suggest Moorea and stick to the Hilton. No hotel on Moorea can compete with the St. Regis. It is a wonderful isle and there is a great deal to do on Moorea. In July 2015 I was at the Hilton Moorea and St. Regis.

Go to Moorea first, or you'll be disillusioned in Moorea. Which other islands besides Bora Bora? Hello, we are spending 2 week on the Society Islands in November 2015. and six in Huahine. The islands are all a little different, but I really loved them all.

The Moorea is very calm. Hua huahine I found to be very red with green and good bora bora has beautiful wat! Which other islands besides Bora Bora? Which other islands besides Bora Bora? After visiting many islands, we chose to stay in Bora-Bora for the whole year. It is the only place where you can find proper dining, activity and other touristic infrastructures (and internet).

Other islands have a fairly low (read zero) tourist theme. The Moorea is a Tahitian week-end trip and has a strange atmoshere. There are other islands that are more genuine, like Huahine or Rangiroa, but don't wait for the facilities you will find in Bora. I would not go back and forth to Tahiti to see Moorea or any other town with young children.

Since you need a personal plane, you can safely be picked up in Bora. Which other islands besides Bora Bora? Intercontinental Moorea is very child and home orientated. In my view, Moorea has no "strange atmosphere" and better facilities than Bora Bora.

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