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The Island Of Fire Bungalow is located on Tanna Island. Vanuatu is more developed than Port Vila Efate. Somewhat different "either/or" question...

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We have travelled to several Carribean islands, Hawaii, Mexico and Middle America Islands/Beach Destination (as well as many shore trips in Europe) and are now going to branch out into South Pacific seas. For the more relaxing, off the well-trodden paths, we like non-tourist holidays that we had. We like to experience other culture.

I try to keep our accommodation under $150 US$ per overnight stay and we prepare many of our own food. We' ve looked at the Cooks Islands, and I got a really good feeling for them, but then I was lured by Vanuatu, and my screen closes for the choice..... I have to make a Sat choice!

but I do like to read similar observation. Both in Rarotonga (14 times) and in Vanuatu (only once) we will try to give you some ideas to help you make your choice. Lefthand in the Cook and right (sometimes) in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu has a lot of "buses", small delivery trucks that can be parked. There is a good choice of accommodations in both but more self-contained accommodations and cabins on Raro. However, most of the accommodations in Vanuatu have kitchenette and laundry facilities. Each of the outlying islands is served by the local airlines Air Rarotonga and Air Vanuatu.

Strands - I think I have to say that the strands on Rarotonga are better than those on Efate (Vanuatu major island). Santo's outskirts, however, are considered beautiful and if you go to Tanna, you can see a living vulcano. Rarotonga is definitely less expensive than Vanuatu for my NZ-Dollars.

The Vanuatu is definitely a third class nation and most of the Ni-Vans are living in towns - many in poor. However, the regional market has a wide selection of products and you will also see one of the regional specialities - Fledermaus - for purchase. Take a look at my 2011 Vanuatu travelogue, which I saw through the eye of a first-time-timer.

But I do like Rarotonga with its laguna and the nearby one. I feel more confident, both because of the many visitors and because Cook Islanders have New Zealand citizenship and free rein. There are also independent accommodations and easy beach and restaurant acces.

There is also a good selection of grocery stores and small stores, as well as street stands for regional products. Surely I plan to return to both of them - probably Rarotonga before Vanuatu. After being in both the Cook Islands and Vanuatu, I could no longer accept Nzlilibet. Vanuatu, I think, is rather off the well-trodden paths and not touristic, but that said, one would not really call the CI touristic.

None is inexpensive though and you will be pressing it to find accomodation for $150 anight. The selection of Vanuatu's famous seafood is great, but the locals' seafood, especially the Raro bluefinch, is delectable. In Aitutaki, the supply of groceries for self-catering is very restricted. Vanuatu CI Restaurants Essen is much better than Vanuatu Inst.

They' re both easily circumvented. At Vanuatu you take the city buses and the adventure is half the pleasure, but in the chefs it is better to hire a ride or a motorbike if you are a skilled driver. Between the two cities, the budgets are really pushing for an outskirtshore, as it is very different for the most important centers.

A lot of folks don't like Port Villa, while there's nothing to like about Rarotonga. But Vanuatu is winning for its kindness and I think also for the multicultural differences - it really is an evolving country and very, very different, the Cook Islands feel more western because of their strong ties to New Zealand, although their cultures are interesting.

Vanuatu has many more interesting handicrafts - many of the touristic jewels we found on the Cook Islands come from Bali or China. I' m sure you' re gonna like the Cook's. Propose that you begin your housing research with this page and come back here and ask for anything you like.

There is also a department for Aitutaki. If you split your 50:50 between Rarotonga and Aitutaki, you get a pleasant mixture of activity, off the coast of both islands among them good snorkeling. Rarotonga has the best snorkeling spots in the Tikioki (SE), Aroa (SW), Arorangi (West) and Nikao (NW) protected seas.

There are many rental rollers in the surroundings of Rarotonga. Be sure to secure your bike and do not bring your belongings to the beach unsupervised. Aitutaki has very good snorkeling at the north end of the central isle, near Marine Resources-breeding.

Scooter driving on the streets of Aitutaki is simple and much cheaper than car-rentals. Rarotonga has many possibilities for accommodations around Rarotonga, and for a small town Aitutaki has a beautiful selection of accommodations also in small resort and independent rented mansions. The majority of visitors' accommodations are on or near the seafront promenades.

Take a look at http://www.aitutaki-accommodations. com/ for the Aitutaki range. We' re welcoming individuals who enjoy a good life, good times, good food, good food, good food, good food, good food, music and entertainment. In terms of interests, the two advanced islands of the Cook Islands have a wide choice. Thanks for the accommodation and the hints around the islands.

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