Island near Australia and new Zealand

Isle near Australia and New Zealand

Some of the best islands in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Tahiti Islands (French Polynesia). Discover the true down under by experiencing the best of Australia and New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand highlights end in Christchurch. Rotorua district is a wonderful place to get an impression of New Zealand's North Island.

Holiday and package holidays in Australia and New Zealand

Australasia and New Zealand are two top class holiday resorts that are on the majority of the population. There are few places in the whole wide globe that can create the same feeling of reverence as Australia and New Zealand. Beautifully and exotically, both lands have a number of exciting places to visit, as well as exciting sights and experiences.

Australia and New Zealand are a great holiday mix in many ways. It is also a long trip to become "downunder" and it is not astonishing that many travellers choose to spend longer and combining Australia and New Zealand in one holidaypack. Plan your trip with Sydney and Auckland and then expand to other favorite locations - the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, Melbourne, Queenstown, Franz Josef, etc.

There are a wide range of Australia and New Zealand holiday packs available, which differ in length of stays and prices. As all our holiday packs are conceived as separate trips and not as part of a group, we can adapt an already existent route or put it together completely new. Tell us what you are planning and we will be pleased to put together an individual Australia and New Zealand holiday pack for you.

We specialise in the South Pacific, so we can make your Australian and New Zealand holiday even more interesting by stopping on the island. Travel to Australia and New Zealand and then to Fiji, Tahiti or the Cook Islands for a relaxed stop before you return home, or mix and match goals in one journey for the final down under epic.

You will find below a number of Australia and New Zealand holiday packs that have proven themselves over the years. Get started in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and discover the best of New Zealand's North Island, Sydney and Fiji. Auckland, Waitomo Caves, Hobbiton Movie Sets, Sydney and Blue Mountains.

End your holiday with a 2-night stay in Fiji. Enjoy some of Australia and New Zealand's attractions with this beloved holiday pack. Auckland and Rotorua, New Zealand, the Hobbiton Film Kit, the famed Waitomo caverns and exciting geothermic activity in Rotorua. Discover Australia's pulsating Sydney, go to the Sydney Opera House, journey to the magnificent Blue Mountains and stroke a gooseberry in the wilderness.

End your stay in Tahiti, where you will stay 3 full- day at Le Meridien Resort Tahiti. It is an outstanding Australia and New Zealand holiday pack with some of the most important attractions from both of them. Auckland, the Hobbiton Film Kit and Waitomo Caves, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney for 3 night and end your cruise with a relaxed stop in Fiji.

Discover the New Zealand and Australia attractions. Enjoy the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Auckland, and Queenstown. Snorke among colourful coral and alien fishing, see the wildlife of Australia up close, take a cruise on the stunning Milford Sound, see the amazing Waitomo Caves and the Hobbiton Movie Kit.

Complement your holiday with a 3-night stay in Fiji. Auckland ( ), Sydney (), Tahiti (), Bora Bora (), Australia, New Zealand and Bora Bora Bora Bora are the main South Pacific locations. Jets around the area with this thrilling holiday pack that connects Auckland, Sydney, Tahiti and Bora Bora.

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