Island near Auckland

Auckland Island

Volcano Island So Near Auckland - Rangitoto Island, Auckland Central Traveller Reviews Nice island, really deserving a look! Breathtaking vistas. As there are several hiking trails, it is essential to take a card with the shuttle. There are no garbage cans, but there are restrooms on the island. It was a great time on the island until it began to rain and we got soaked within a minutes, ha!

Arriving in Auckland in the early morning hours, left our luggage in the Novotel and took the AirBus to town. We collected a meal while waiting for the boat because there is no meal on the island. We were soon on boat to Rangitoto Island.

It is very young, pest-free and full of interesting vulcanic characteristics. When we got there, we familiarized ourselves with the island by studying about it at the trail head. Shortly after we set off for the top. Don't miss it, as stunning as the peaks. On the top you can then hike around the edge of the craters.

On the way back another way from the top. There' s a small bath room about 30 minutes on foot just south of the mountain. The way back with the Fullers-ship had a great view of the island. This is an awesome and the view from above makes the long and hottest ascent very valuable.

However, this year we took our three children at the age of 3, 4 and 6 years with us and drove with the tractors to the hill. As always, the trip on the boat was beautiful and the little trains were rough but funny. But they all did it, even though the three-year-old had a lot of them piggybacked.

It was another great experience on Rangitoto Island and I am sure that one of these days we will be back to take the children to thetop. Have you been to Rangitoto Island?

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