Island Expeditions

Isle Expeditions

Fishing, mussels, bird watching, camping and guided tours urviror Island Expedition in Tonga. We can tell you that the actual location of the island is secret, but it is in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. Isle expeditions are recognizable subzones that behave like mini hybrid battlefields and scenarios, but change over time (similar to world quests). is a family-owned company based in Harwich Port, Cape Cod, Massachussets. Here you will find reviews and tips from people like you on Outer Island Expeditions Eastsound, Washington.

Belize Island Expeditions Kayak and Snorkeling - Review of Glovers Reef Basecamp, Glovers Reef Atoll, Belize

The best reminder of the five nights I stayed at Glover's Reef was not his call as one of the three best diving and snorkeling sites in the whole wide open sea, but the awakening in my breezy kabana and the view of the dawning tropical tan that rolls a gold rug over an emerging green lake to the sugary green sandy beach at my frontdoor.

Besides the color, I recall the sound: the loud clattering of the gracks in the mangrove, the wind-swept ripples crunching on the barriere reef's dark brown colored seawater, and the sad wailing of the shell that calls us to our breakfasts. It would have been nice to spend my day relax in my awning, watch birds, snorkel, swing in a Hammock, dancing the puntas, but wearing my buoyancy aid, I decided to swim easily from one dive to the other, pull my canoe behind me and take pictures of the sunny sponge, the shining sea and the incredible variety of tropicfishes.

I' ve been a little jumpy because I kayaked six mile or so to the other side of the lake, but a good enough excuse to make such a journey on Island Expeditions, a Canada based firm specializing ONLY in this one Belize land, is that its leaders are Belize, speaking English well, knowing their things and enjoying them.

I' ve been lucky to remain on one side of hurricane-filled Southwest Caye at Island Expeditions Basecamp, but if nature is not enough for you, you have the opportunity to paddle to a dive centre and throw a bellikin or two. My last evening I went to the end of Southwest Caye on the resorts ide to drink to the setting sun and ran into Glenroy, who works for the resortc.

His home and home is in Dangriga, but he is so fond of this island that he only "sometimes" goes home. Many travelers to Belize go directly to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker and these are well-known resorts that still have a more relaxed nature than most others in the Caribbean, but I myself choose to go to protected areas like Glover's Reef and Lighthouse Reef, where you can almost entirely enjoy Robinson Crusoe and have an island to yourself.

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