Is Molokai Inhabited

Molokai is inhabited?

How did you like it? chip class="pink">Share your response and score 100 points! In the Big Wind Kitefactory you will find plant visits, a lot of laughter and hints to the best kitesurfing airports on the isle. Molokai's first Christendom was founded in 1844 by Lutheran missions. Please call the Molokai Museum & Cultural Centre, (808) 567-6436 for a tour.

It was one of the cathedrals run by Father Damien, the Belgium clergyman who, at the end of the 19th century, set up Molokai's exceptional ministry for Hanseatic people.

Walk through this 2,700-acre nature reserve on Molokai's highest peak (4,970 feet). Situated on the slopes of Mount Kamakou, in the center of Molokai. A fourteen mile stretch of wilds along Molokai's northernshore. - Barrier Reef: along the southern coastline of Molokai, just westward of Kaunakakai (southern shore). Molokai Light, which was opened in 1909 and stands at the northmost point of the penninsula, is the highest beacon of the USA in the Pacific.

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