Is Guam a third World Country

Guam is a third world country?

But the inhabitants do not live under primitive or third world living conditions. and I' m not kidding. Move to Guam from the U.S.V.

I. (Thank God, I hate this Third World country "sorry sam I am"). Is Guam a third world country? Part of Spanish East India.

Get to know Guam, the "piece of paradise" for which the Third World War can begin.

According to the country's agencies, at least four mid-level rockets are scheduled to be launched over Japan in 18-25 nautical mile from Guam's US -Pacific area. According to the international press, the DPRK will finalize its plan in mid-August to be prepared for Kim Jong Un's order, KCNA said, referring to General Kim Rak Gyom, commander of the People' s War.

"Hwasong 12 rockets will be deployed by the Korean People's Army (KPA) and will fly across the heavens over Shimane, Hiroshima and Koichi of Japan," the story says. The" Chili" alert comes after US President Donald Trump promised to trigger "fire and anger" when North Korea threatened the US. Who is the "piece of paradise" for which the Third World War can begin?

Guam, the biggest of Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean of Micronesia, has been US territorial land since 1898. Situated about 2,000 leagues eastwards of the Philippines, the small isle with a surface area of only 544 km2 is the home of 160,000 people.

Guam conquered Japan after the 1944 Pearl Harbor assault, but became part of the US administration in 1944. Guam has since gone back to the biggest US army station, escorting In the 1950-1953 U.S. war, Guam was a key pillar of the U.S. military policy in the 1950-1953 war and an important assets during the Vietnam War as a basis for the Luftwaffe bomber used for operations in Southeast Asia.

The tourist industry is another important revenue stream on the islands. The majority of Guamese, the so-called Camorra, are descendants of seafarers who came to the islands from the Philippines and Indonesia 4000 years ago. It is ruled by an electér governor and a 15-member legislative government made up of members of the senate.

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