Is Guam a good place to Retire

Are you retiring in Guam?

What's the point of living on an island if I can't walk to the beach? Though I am curious about life in other villages, I love Tumon because I feel like on vacation. Locals are not strangers who are a good hostess. A lot of locals live by the proverb "Mi casa su casa". Tumon is the perfect place for you if you want to lead an active lifestyle, be close to the action or just live and relax on beautiful beaches.

the best place to life in Guam

There' been only a few cases where I challenged my choice to move to Guam. When the cab drove from the airfield to the street to my new home Tumon, I realized that most of the part of the country was black. So I asked Peter where the centre of the town was and he replied: "I don't think there is one, but I appreciate Tumon.

" And I gazed at the cove, the dark, and at that point I realised how small Guam is. I get asked where Guam is the best place to be. I' ve been living in Tumon for three years. I needed to stay in a pedestrian-friendly place near the shore because I didn't have a vehicle.

What good is it to be on an isle if I can't run to the water? We' re choosing a different way of life than the one we had in the States. No cars or smart phones (shock!), we hire equipped places and try to be as minimalist as possible.

Although we have been living in Guam for several years, we try to have a good time and enjoy everything we can, living as if we were leaving in the morning. When you are looking for a flat in Tumon, make sure that you are not deceived by the position of the "upper tumon". "```Lovers like to advertising as an upper tumon to boost more and make their place more attractive, but, there is not an upper tumon, there is just tumon.

When you can't just and quickly run to the shore or need to traverse Marine Corps Drive to get to the shore, you're not in Tumon. From the Hilton Hotel I consider Tumon all the way down to Gun Beach/Fai Fai and a little up the hillside to Tagada.

Though I am interested in living in other towns, I like Tumon because I am on holiday. There is always some kind of conversation; whether it is the beaches, pubs, cafes, dances, diners, aquariums, gardens, livebands, shopping; it goes on and on. All hotels have different types of restaurant, bar and café that are really good.

After a long day's work, going down the mountain and seeing the glistening sea is just another advantage of life in Tumon. In Guam there is so much joy and free things to do that we don't have to pay much to entertain if we don't want to.

Every type of diet you want, in all priced classes, can be found in Tumon. You will find pavements up and down the high street that are great for hiking and jogging. On my breakfast stroll I usually come across a strange couples marrying in one of the many bands on the water.

I' ve seen her so often that I've realized that her marriages are all the same, but I'm sure it's a one of a kind and unforgettable time. The entrance to the shore is only a few mins away.... unbeatable. If you want to be at the centre of all activities and entertainment, Tumon is the best place to be.

Ypao Park and Pleasure Island Districts host annual festival events throughout the year. It' a great place for spectators. But I wish Tumon was either just a pedestrian or that the weekend was because the vehicles were going too quickly, not respecting the traffic and tearing up the streets.

It is really difficult to get out of Tumon during peak hours as all vehicles pass through and try to get out of the city. Much as I think that Guam is a better place for visitors, life in Tumon has made me appreciate the places that are not touristic sites.

" From then on I chose to stop having us photographed and to pay more attention to things I could do abroad. A TV/internet where you can see those with frizzy curls is probably available if you can make it to Guam.

Sadly, there are so many establishments that have monopolised the coast with large toy boats and wicker baskets under parasols that it is difficult to find a beautiful shaded place to put up and float your own towels. There' s more good to Tumon than evil and life here has permitted me to live a totally different life style than I could have in Oregon.

Half the way through, I feels like a sundowner! I' m happy we decided to do this. I' m so free and never bound because I' ve got too much shit. It' s a great sensation and beyond that I can't really regret the beautiful things I see every day when I am in Tumon.

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