Is Auckland in the South Island

Auckland is on the South Island

Wellington (also a city on the North Island) is bursting at the seams. Auckland in the next APRIL from South America (Argentina). It' s not long before you understand why Napier New Zealand is the Art Deco capital of the world.

Shall I select either Auckland Island - North Island Message Board or Queenstown South Island?

I' ve got about 9 a day for a holiday and I want to take prudent advise when I go to Northern Island or South Island for the best? Beside sightseeing I would like to do extrem sports like skydiving, waterproofing, pumpgee jumping, etc.. You' ve got to remain in Queenstown, the epinephrine city of New Zealand!

Since 9 is not enough to discover the two archipelagoes, you should go to Queenstown, where there are many adventures and other outdoor pursuits and you can experience the breathtaking scenery. Or you can go to Wanaka for parachuting. Parachuting in Wanaka is really "WoW"!!!!!! Bungee would be what I would be saving for Queenstown &rafting maybe in Taupo.

You don't have to limit yourself to Queenstown with 9 working nights, although there is a lot to do there. For about 5 workdays in Queenstown and then 1 N in Wanaka; 2 N at Franz Josef Glacier; 1 N Christchurch before I fly back home. Alternative, Taupo, as TK also mentions, is the QT of the North - you can do almost everything in this breathtaking little city on the shores of the sea ("Lake Taupo" is the biggest sea in the south of the hemisphere!) that you can do in QT for a split of the cost.....

Whale-whaling is a little bit hard, but everything from jet-boat riding (Rapids jets are very different from the standard and cheaper), kayaking, parasailing - the fantastic Tongariro National Parks ( Mt DOOM Baby!!!). Our visitors this past season have all said Queenstown is very pricey, overrated and too touristic, and Taupo is so much better.

New Zealand's adrenaline rush city - Queenstown. Queenstown adrenaline capitol of New Zealand.

Ten Holidays in New Zealand in November (Auckland and South Island?) - New Zealand Forum

Will it be good (enough) in the middle of November to be able to enjoy such walks on the South Island? Do you think we should spend more hours on the North Island for all weathers? Auckland, one thing that might interest you during your first few day in Auckland is a walk to the top of the island of Rangnitoto or a walk over the hill on Waiheke, starting from the Matiatia boat-station.

The island of Rangkitoto and the island of Waiheke are both accessible by Fuller's boats. The Waiheke has half-hourly departures, some of which go to Rangoon and back every morning. The ferryboats leave from the Quay Street, City Centre, Auckland Freeway Sign. Only 1 night in one place for activity. However, it can be done provided you actually have 10 days not 9: ** If your plane is delayed on the 10th or you actually have 10 days, you can enter a date where specified.

It' has to be done my way, with 2 N in Te Anau, so you can't have 2N in BOTH Wanaka & Mt Cook; it has to be either/or. You can go trekking on Mt Cook, Wanaka for other activites like Mou Waho Island, biking etc.; or Rob Roy glacierwalking.

Or we could consider just one single overnight in Auckland, which would allow us 2N Queenstown, 2N Te Anau, 2N Wanaka, 2N Mt. Cook. Is it possible to go directly from Queenstown to Milford Sounds for the whole afternoon (early start ) and then stay overnight "on the way back" in Te Anau?

The next morning we continue to Wanaka. Milford Sound - Te Anau worked for us. Anau is a wonderful peaceful city with a lot of natural surroundings. Be careful driving, especially on Milford Road. In general we do not recommend doing QTN-MS-Te Anau in one workday.

We are also considering the Queenstown fly-cruise options. We could quite simply spend two-night in Wanaka and two at Mt. Cook. The Milford Road seems like a rather dramatic ride; would we really miss something surprising if we flew instead of a part?

We will still go to Wanaka and Mt. Cook (and then back to Christchurch)? You can also book Te Anau as an accommodation and take the whole MS journey in one bus-ride. While you are on the yacht, the expert skipper knows the roads and the sleep.

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