Is American Samoa a good place to Vacation

Are American Samoa a good place for a holiday?

Ofu snorkeling was as good as it could be! Observing the Fautasi races had always been a great pleasure for me as a child. It' also a wonderful place for snorkeling! Next to the sea is a perfect beach. Planning the perfect trip to American Samoa.

The ideal holiday resort

But Samoa is like a resort. That'?s Elena Sises point of view from Samoa. Then she came to Samoa with her two kids and her man. Born in Fiji, Elena was raised in different parts of the country because of her warrior. Your man comes from Florida in the United States of America.

You have been living in American Samoa for 10 years. He' s on a mission in Samoa, that's why they came here. It is Elena's first trip to Taumeasina Island Resort, but her second trip to Samoa. "This is like a resort.

It is the ideal place to take a break and it is located near American Samoa, only 20 min flying in. I' m definitely coming back," said Elena. She will have until Saturday to enjoy the beautiful Samoa while her man works. One of the advantages of relocating from one place to another is getting to know a new one.

Elena said, "I also like being in different civilizations. It finds resemblances in Fijian and Samoan civilization. I remember my younger years," Elena told Dear Tourist. From their arrival they tried snorkelling, played a game of football and just relaxed. She was in the city several occasions, which made her think of Fiji.

That', she said. "They didn't even know Samoa, they have to come and see it," she said. They' re already plotting their comeback.

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