Is a Passport Required for Norfolk Island

Do I need a passport for Norfolk Island?

For more information, please contact our customer service. You only need your international passport and passport photos. Can I travel within the country without a passport because I am an American? Valid driving licence - photo ID or passport required.

Norfolk Island passport holders residing in the UK are required to obtain a China passport.

Passport. A passport with at least six month expiry date and empty passport pages and a copy of the passport and photograph page if any. Genuine, autographed Norfolkinsel passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 month on the day of your journey and must have at least one page free of marks.

Passport photo: Evidence of state. Genuine ILR or any other evidence of residence permit in the UK, which should be effective more than 6 month after your arrival from China. A copy of the route with precise trip data of the carrier or agency. The number of visits to your country depends on your route.

Multiples Entrance Letters. When more than one person is required, a written document must be written in detail to explain exactly why the multiple-entry visas are required. It is entirely up to the Chinese Embassy to decide whether to issue or refuse multiple-entry visas to China. When you visit your boyfriends or your relatives, you must present a welcome note from your Chinese home.

To be sent to "The China Embassy in London" and must be duly authorised by the signature of the applicant's sponsor. In addition, you must prove the hosting country's state. When you are a China resident, copy (front and back) your China International ID (Shen Fen Zheng), or, if you are not a China resident, copy your China residency card and the information pages of your passport.

Isle of Norfolk Visa: Use and requirements

a. Authentic passport, at least valid for 6 month. c. Photocopy of passport and identity document. Applicants must present copies of the passport and identity document, together with a copy of all visas (valid and expired). e. Itineraries. A copy of round-trip ticket or approved route. f. MCR.

If you are in Australia for more than 3 month or 75 years, please include a thoracic x-ray control certificate and a copy of the applicant's confirmation from one of the named clinics. Others who are required to provide the above documentation will find here the lists of clinics in different areas. g. Account statement.

A copy of a current account card with evidence of adequate cover. h. Account card. a copy of the account balance for the last 6 month. i. Tax return. When you retire, please present evidence of your pension plan. l. Personal Notice. They must also produce evidence of the Norfolk Island host's state, i.e. a copy of the information page of their Norfolk Island passport, or, if they are not citizens of Norfolk Island, a copy of their Norfolk Island residency card and the information pages of their state passport. m.

A notarised copy of each parent's name, for example, for all individuals covered by the request. A notarised copy of each parent's name, for example, for all individuals covered by the request. Please indicate any changes if you have already been to Australia and your state has been altered (e.g. if you are a retiree, please include a copy of your pension certificate).

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