Irish Cruises 2016

2016 Irish Cruises

Enjoy Irish pride like no other. Want to swap the sadness of an Irish January with the warmth of the Bahamas? That was the forecast of the last CLIA UK & Ireland Annual Cruise. British and Irish cruise passengers. Entrance fees to the following attractions and sights:

the oceans apart from any other Irish cruise.

More than thirty years ago I sponsored my first Irish themed trip. Sailing out of New York harbour with 80 people and some of New York's best musician. Whilst advertising other Irish activities, I had no clue about the organisational abilities needed for a succesful outing.

All of us were newcomers to this unbelievable journey, as it was also the first time I had cruised with my family. It was a small boat, our cabins quite simple, but the meal was incredibly good and the middlenight sideboards were really forgiving. As I remember, I came back with several hundred different nicknames given to me by other travellers who wanted to be informed about my next Irish trip.

Everything began for me with this long time ago, with 80 people, to charter whole boats. In addition, I have promoted an Irish themed trip every year. On the way there I collected a lot of information about how to enhance the crusade world. It is my philosphy to provide my customers the 5-star-adventure from the first second.

There is a good atmosphere, each and every one of our guests is welcomed in person, followed by a sparkling wine party and of course Irish folk singer. It' heart-warming to see the smiles and joyful emotion when every passenger is prepared to embark the boat for the journey of a life. I' m now chartering Holland America's Vista Classic vessels, which serve up to 2000 + people yearly.

The majority of my deal comes from verbal propaganda and my customers come from all over the inland. I' m really happy and have to thank all my visitors who have been sailing with me for the last thirty years. It will be our first trip there and we are looking forward to a marvellous event for our visitors.

The new bars, amusement arcades, restaurants and fully redesigned suite for the 2019 European tourist seasons. New locations have been added as part of the updates: Lincoln Center Stage with world-class concert hall and Billboard Onboard, which rocks the building. This event joins the already beloved B.B. King's Blues Club and rounds off our new "Music Walk" event.

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