Invercargill to Stewart Island

Revercargill to Stewart Island

Bus & Ferry from Invercargill to Stewart Island. Bus connections are available from Invercargill, Te Anau & Queenstown (surcharge/season departures). In spring our family spends a weekend on Stewart Island. I'm discussing whether I should fly or try the ferry. The centre of the region, Invercargill is famous for its excellent restaurants and museums.

Bus & Ferry from Invercargill to Stewart Island

In just one hours, you can sail the Foveaux Strait between Bluff and Stewart Island in comfort. From Invercargill there are bus services every day. It is an interesting body of waters with several islets, among them Dog Island (lighthouse), Ruapuke Island and the Titi Island, and a remarkable fishery as well.

Look out for wild animals during your journey - especially sea birds like the Mollymawk and the Titi. A year round cruise with free tee and cafe onboard.

The Stewart Island Ferry NZ between Bluff and Oban

  • STEWART Island: Visitor terminal at Stewart Island. Stewart Island guests who wish to carry extra luggage can arrange for these objects to be transported by appointment. Due to the ship's dimensions and restricted loading capacity, this is not available on all ferries. In Bluff, adjoining the Bluff Visitor Terminal, you can park by boat to Stewart Island.

in Invercargill Pick-Up / Drop-Off locations:

Trip to Stewart Island

From Invercargill you can fly or take the Bluff to Stewart Island by boat. It is recommended to stay at least two overnight stays in Stewart Island. When you have little to spare, you can go on daily excursions, but they restrict your options. The Stewart Island Fellowship is helping to provide the Stewart Island public with the necessary facilities, service and comforts.

Surcharge NZ$ p.p.p.NZ$ p.p. Adult rates apply from 15 years. Free of charge for kids from 0 to 3 years. Flights between Invercargill and Stewart Island are shown below. At the Stewart Island Flight's Desk, Invercargill Airport 30 min before depart. Bus/taxi shuttles are available from your accomodation to Invercargill airport.

Invercargill Airport is a safe place to park if you are travelling by car. Overweight baggage can be kept free of cost at the Stewart Island Flight Office or on subsequent clearance missions. Sailing NZ$ p.p.p.NZ$ p.p. Ferry prices for adults are for 15 + years.

Free of charge for kids from 0 to 4 years. Up to 2 kids (0-18 years) per full payer are free on certain Bluff and Stewart Island runs during some summer/weekends. Schedule of the Bluff to Stewart Island crossing is shown below. Journey time: 1 hours each way.

At Bluff, half an hour's car ride from Invercargill. Approximately 30 mins. before sailing at the boat station. Coaching is available between Invercargill and Bluff. When you are travelling, safe car parks are available at the Fährterminal and you will be charged a fee for this.

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